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Hola! Soy de Argentina, y me gustaría poder comentar con otros usuarios sobre los dramas en español. Leo inglés perfectamente, pero me cuesta un poco escribirlo. Así que si quieres ser mi amigo, estoy más que dispuesta a conversar :)

Hi!I am from Argentina, and I would like to be able to comment with others users about the dramas, but my native language it´s spanish. I can read english perfectly, but it costs me a bit to write it. So, if you want to be my friend, and you apologize for the bad writing ...I'm more than willing to talk :)

Five years ago I had an accident that forced me to stay in bed, and I started watching anime to entertain myself. Later I became interested into Japanese manga, and finally in the doramas, because of Hana Yori Dango. ;)

Currently I am interested in romcoms of any country, with the following themes: unrequited love, gender bender (although I think I have seen them all), and protagonists with social phobia.
I will appreciate any suggestions you want to make, and I am always willing to make new friends! ^ - ^

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Well,I'm going to talk about my favorites:

 My first crush in Kdramas was Coffee Prince, and this is the most touching and romantic scene I've EVER watched ^^


In second place is Me too, Flower, with a very  sweet and funny couple

I can't add more pics, because they would be a great spoiler (and I hate that)

...but their kiss was THE KISS!


Third Place for: Marry me, or Not?,  Twdrama. It had one of the most badass FL I've watched XD.


To be continued...


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