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Bosnia and Herzegovina


Bosnia and Herzegovina

- ratings are based solely on my own enjoyment

  • 10 - It was so good that I became 'obsessed' with either the storyline or certain characters after watching it OR it has a really low rating and I think it deserves to be higher
  • 8-9.5 - I enjoyed it a lot but the X factor was missing - dramas I would recommend to others
  • 7-7.5 - It was okay but obviously lacking, be it the story, acting, annoying characters/relationships etc.
  • 6-6.5 - Watchable but I didn't enjoy watching it - in other words I pretty much hated it at one point and forced myself to complete it
  • 1-5 - Why did I even watch this?

- I mostly watch Korean and Chinese dramas, occasionally Japanese. 

- my favourite genre is historical/period/costume, but I can and do watch everything, as long as I like the premise/actors. 

- my favorite actors: [Full list HERE]

1. Japanese: Yamazaki Kento

2. Chinese:  Xiao Zhan, Wu Lei and Cheng Yi 

3. Korean: Woo Do Hwan, Park Hae Jin, Ji Chang Wook, Kang Ha Neul, Lee Jong Gi, Song Joong Ki, Jung Hae In

- my favorite dramas:

1. The Untamed [xianxia | historical | fantasy | adventure]

2. Begins Youth [youth | friendship | ANGST ]

3. Nirvana in Fire [wuxia | historical | political]

4. My Country: The New Age [historical | action]

5. Arthdal Chronicles [historical | fantasy | political]

6. Flower of Evil [thriller | mystery | psychological | romance | melodrama]

7. Cross Fire [action | youth | sci-fi | gaming]

- about me:

She/Her | 27 | from Bosnia and Herzegovina | 

My MAL account; I don't really watch/read anime/manga anymore but maybe one day I get back to it. 


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