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The Eternal Love chinese drama review
The Eternal Love
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by steph
Ago 2, 2017
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After watching a disappointing Princess Agent I was skeptical about this drama because the main characters are not that good looking but after reading postive reviews about this drama I thought I would give it a try. And wow am I blown away it's completely hilarious and very light hearted. The last time I have laughed this hard was go princess go! The female main characters double personality is hilarious and she pulls it off so well. It's very believable and hilarious. The love between the 2 main characters are so sweet and keeps me completely interested in the series. Everything else is mediocre and repetitive in storyline about palace drama. I also have never seen any Chinese drama focus ofnmental illness too. This is a first time that a mental illness like dissociative identity disorder had been used in such a big part of a Chinese drama. Great job!
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