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A Mai Cong Jun
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Fev 21, 2024
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Not sure how to rate this one

I feel like I exhausted all of my thoughts in the comment section, so I'll just say this: if you start watching this show knowing that it is loosely based on the original novel and it is different from whatever you thought it would be from trailers, synopses, and promos; and you watch the first episode and find it pleasant, then go for it. Even if the story falls apart in the last third of the show and frustrates you, it is still watchable. The romance is there in the background, but it is not well-written or enjoyable. The weakest parts of this show are the storytelling, the male lead, and the writers' priorities in terms of the plot and characters. The biggest strengths are the cinematography, overall acting, and the music. I wanted to rate it lower, but considering how many bad shows get high ratings, this one is not high at all. P.S. The lack of the cliff trope, underwater kiss, etc., gives it extra points. ?

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Flowers that Bloom at Night
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Fev 18, 2024
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No geral 9.0
História 9.0
Acting/Cast 9.0
Musical 6.0
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enjoyable comedy/drama

This drama is a great blend of comedy and depth, captivating from the start. If you enjoyed the first episode, you will enjoy the rest of it as well. It maintains its humor even through serious moments, ensuring consistent enjoyment. Despite not having an explicit romance tag, the leads share undeniable chemistry, subtly conveying a believable love. Every character, including the comedic sidekicks, is given their own story, as much as possible given the limited screen time for some of them. I enjoyed the relationships between the characters, and the acting was good. It excels in areas where many more serious dramas falter. A delightful watch that exceeded my expectations. So, if you like the first few episodes, you will like all of it, but this kind of mix of humor and seriousness is not everyone's cup of tea. As well beware the fact there is no romance tag so you know what to expect from the love relationship in terms of portrayal

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