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   ✰ about me ] 

  • i'm basically in love with asian dramas and movies (mostly chinese and japanese).
  • in my free time i enjoy reading and watching videos on youtube. thank you for all the chinese light novel translators! and i do follow some kpop&jpop groups (GOT7; A Pink; 46G).
  • wuxia and historical dramas are my favourite. i just can't get enough of the pretty costumes and sets. 
  • most of the time i enjoy plots that are intense, complicated or heart-wrenching. idky make me feels like i learn something about life. but sometimes i do watch light-hearted drama just for the lols and get some break.
  • my ratings highly depends on my feelings after watching the last episode. which means they are subject to change, since sometimes i'm so biased towards the ending.
  • english is not my first language. therefore i apologize for any misunderstanding that occurs due to my misuse of words choice or grammar.
  • i'm always happy to meet new friends! i loove drama discussion, so if we have something in common please do send me a friend request!       :   )

   ✰ about my drama obsession ] 

                                                                        ▫▪︎   f a v o u r i t e  a c t o r s  ▫▪︎                                                                        

 { the one and only E d d i e  P e n g 

 { the versatile prince  Y a m a z a k i  K e n t o  } 

 { the sweetest king  Z h a n g  V i n  } 

                                                                      ▫▪︎   f a v o u r i t e  a c t r e s s e s  ▫▪︎                                                                   

 { the well-rounded princess  D i l r a b a  D i l m u r a t  } 

 { the charismatic lady  B a i  L u } 

 { the cute and talented  Z h a o L u s i } 

 { the one with the best smile  T a k e i  E m i  } 

 { the lovable and fresh  K u r o s h i m a  Y u i n a  } 


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