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That Man Oh Soo
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de shu08
Mai 19, 2018
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most of them keep bashing this drama and i be like brrrr.. okay dont expect much with ocn and the duration was just 45min per ep.. this is just a light fantasy romance genre with young actors.. (its not the heavy genre like goblin etc) the ending might not be that greattt but its actually better than cheese in the trap i guess..

im having so much fun watching the entire drama.. the actors & actress have such lovable characters..... and one more thing, i didnt say that jonghyun & soeun are such a fantastic couple but they show their chemistry really well.. i mean, when us as an audience watch a drama, we should know the character and try to feel their feeling.. jonghyun might look awkward sometimes but once AGAIN !!! IT IS JUST A PART OF HIS CHARACTER!!! he is a guy who never fall in love before & when he fall in love with soeun.. he try his best to make her happy and protect her..

and honestly i dont feel awkward at all with his acting lol !! that is originally his CHARACTER in the drama :) some people who read this might think that im just a hooman who just starting to watch kdrama and dont understand kdrama, but ur just wrong.. ive been watching kdrama since elementary school and now im in college.. but yeah i really appreciate a great drama.. for me, every drama has their own colour of storyline.. this drama ending might look rushed, and that damn pitiful tree story (trust me, at first i hate that tree but after knowing the truth i feel really sad about it) overall despite looking the weakness of the drama (because of that stupid tree curse that might not really unfold towards the ending.. but yeah i think apart from it we might have to use our imagination lol)

i do think this drama was really really cute and keep me blushing with jonghyun face expression and soeun bold acts hihi ^^ sometimes i cried but most of it i keep blushing & smiling untill my cheeks feel numb haha lol.. IM SO EXTRA !! ><

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