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Playboyy thai drama review
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by sarsip Flower Award1
Fev 29, 2024
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Don't judge a series by its rating

"Playboyy" is its own genre. There is "BL" and there is "Playboyy". You can't compare these genres at all.
I'm not a fan of NC scenes in series. I don't like it when such scenes appear in a series, just to show that the main characters have moved on to the next stage in the relationship. It doesn't add anything to the plot, it's just there to please the eyes of some fans.
This series is different. The creators themselves have written that this series is about "relationships of "human" through various definition of sex". And that's what this series is about. It doesn't glorify sex. It doesn't show it as something romantic. It doesn't make us believe that it must and should only occur in monogamous relationships. It shows that there is no such thing as "normal" sex. Everyone has different desires. Everyone has different needs. If these desires are fulfilled by mutual consent, give pleasure to all participants, there is nothing wrong with that.
Sex in this series isn't there to attract the attention of fans. It shows the characters' personalities, their traumas and their fears. Here I must add that the characters aren't crystal clear. They all have their flaws, some so serious that we feel bad rooting for them. There is no black and white in the real world. There are only shades of gray. And that's exactly what this series is. It shows all the shades of gray, not allowing viewers to easily judge which character did the right thing and which didn't.
This series had the courage to address difficult topics without wrapping them in a pretty package - drug addiction, prostitution, sex addiction, sexual abuse.
While watching this series, you have to keep thinking about why the characters acted in a certain way. You can't just turn on an episode and relax.
And for all the haters who are always talking about one thing - as someone pointed out earlier, this is a series about sex, so there must be sex scenes. They can't just talk about it for 14 episodes. Watching a series about sex and complaining that there are sex scenes is like walking into a bakery and complaining that there is bread.
I love this series. I'm hoping for a second season. Maybe then more people will discover this hidden gem.
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