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  I've been watching dramas since late 2019 and only recently have I been an avid watcher...keeping up to date with airing dramas since this late winter... I'll share a little about me and then go over the contents I have listed!

                                   First Drama: The Untamed



          ❏ Watch Schedule 

          ❏ Favorite Characters

          ❏ What am I watching? 

          ❏ Favorite Actors/Actresses

          ❏ Most Anticipated

          ❏ Favorite Ost(s)



Drama Weekly Schedule
Sunday: Love is Like Cat 
Monday:Lovely Runner
Tuesday:Lovely Runner 
Friday:  Queen of Tears
Saturday: Queen of Tears

My Favorite Characters Include:

Male Characters 
                 Bong Seok : Moving 
   Ahn Soo Ho : Weak Hero Class One 
             Jae Won: The Eight Sense 
Female Characters  
                 Day: Ready Set Love 
Thai/Kdrama cont.
                     Do Bong Soon : Strong Woman Do Bong Soon 
Tinn : My School President

                                               Currently Watching ... Queen of Tears  



All-Time Favorite Actors: 
Lee Joon Gi


Lee Gyum/ Yong/ Iljimae in Iljimae 

Baek Hee Sung/ Do Hyun So  in Flower of Evil

Gong Gil in The King and the Clown 

Lee Do Hyun

Lee Eun Hyuk in Sweet Home

 Baek Leung Yoo Melancholia


Hong Dae Young in 18 Again 

Cheng Yi 

Yu Si  Feng in Love and Redemption

    Tang Zhao/ Sing Yuan  in Immortal Samsara
Li Lian Hua/ Li Xiang Yi  in Mysterious Lotus Casebook

Xu Kai

Lu Si Cheng in Falling into Your Smile
Li Ni in Wonderland of Love
Kinoshita Ryo inThe Journalist

Most Anticipated:

Days becoming weeks and weeks become months and months become years

Why am I waiting for Immortality
Honestly great question.. why am I waiting after three years? Who waits this long for one drama and how am I still waiting. well well well it's more of a who am I waiting for..

exhibit A: this man is your concubine why are you feeding him. It seems like it is roles reversed here but I swear the point of this is the CHEMISTRY 
exhibit B: I can easily visualize Chu Wanning becoming the Imperial Consort Chu because of said imagery.. like I see this and why would I not be waiting smh
exhibit C as in Chen Feiyu: like Luo Yunxi I want to see his handsomeness grace my 58' TV that I bought for this occasion. Chen Feiyu was bright and 20 years old and literally I can tell how long it has been because its easy to subtract from 20. Chen Feiyu read the whole literature and he deserves this. He is the pride and joy and is too hot to not focus on this. Little ball of sunshine
exhibit D: I want to see that bright and cheerful smile on my 58' TV 
exhibit E: I want to see this scene specifically. Don't need to explain this I feel
exhibit F: This was behind the scenes when no one was supposed to be watching. An intimate moment and I saw it so now I am wondering about all they felt for each other and their characters they portrayed. Like ---------------->

Why am I waiting for A Good Day to be a Dog ?
Cha Eun Woo and Lee Hyun Woo  

Favorite OST:On Repeat 


In Bloom - ZB1 

⇆ㅤ ||◁ㅤ❚❚ㅤ▷||ㅤ ↻

Trouble I'm In - Twinbed (from Addicted)
⇆ㅤ ||◁ㅤ❚❚ㅤ▷||ㅤ ↻

Brass Knuckle - Boi B
⇆ㅤ ||◁ㅤ❚❚ㅤ▷||ㅤ ↻

Blue Flower - LIA (ITZY)
⇆ㅤ ||◁ㅤ❚❚ㅤ▷||ㅤ ↻

Unrestrained - Wang Yibo, Xiao Zhao
⇆ㅤ ||◁ㅤ❚❚ㅤ▷||ㅤ ↻


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