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Castle In Time

Zhang ZheHan is very handsome and possesses a perfect body. A very talented actor indeed and though just watched the first episode will definitely continue watching. Although it was filmed a few years ago but doesn’t seem outdated. And I also like the lead actress as well. Though this is one of Zhang ZheHan’s earlier works but he shows good acting skills. It is fun to watch and is very enjoyable! Definitely worth me getting up so early to watch the first episode and I’m looking forward to watch the next episode.
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AUGUST— A New Meaning

This documentary is incredibly touching, showing his determination and bravery to continue moving forward. This is the most heart-touching documentary I’ve ever watched. A debut documentary that goes way beyond expectations. This is not just his healing journey, it has a very calming and encouraging effects on others. No matter what challenges lie ahead, we’ll move on together. Because of him, from now on we are going to have a new meaning to AUGUST. Thank you Zhang Zhe Han. I’m so proud of you.
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