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The Legend of Hao Lan chinese drama review
The Legend of Hao Lan
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by pitchblack
Nov 27, 2021
62 of 62 episódios vistos
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História 10.0
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Musical 10.0
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I have seen so many political and historical dramas but this has got to be my most favourite one. It was somewhat dark but showcases the harsh reality of royal families. Jealousy, backstabbing, scheming, revenge etc are conducted by the people in such a way that you cannot but feel angry and sorry at the same time for those people.

In my opinion it should be rated higher. The plot, acting, visual everything was absolutely top notch. Some people may dislike the drama because of the scheming and double sided characters. But in my opinion this is what makes the drama good. It doesn't make the audience believe that the lead characters are saints rather shows them as people who struggle to survive and use desperate methods for self survival. Not necessarily bad people but not also saint like and these are real characteristics of royals, power seeking, struggling people.

Another important factor is how the women are showcased. They are shown as evil, attention seeking people. At the beginning every single scheming woman makes you boil with rage. But eventually they have the same ending and the only reason is because they are born as women, they lack power and have no choice but to listen to their willful husbands throughout their lives. You cannot but feel sorry for them.

The character of Haolan is so inspirational. Even though she was born as a woman she refused to yield to her fate and refused to be controlled by other people. Exempted from family, sold as slave, being misunderstood by people as traitor, as a cheater,losing loved ones and ultimately was misunderstood by her own son. Even after encountering so many hardships she doesn't lose faith, nor does she lose herself.

I absolutely loved loved the drama. I highly recommend it to everyone.
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