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de omma51
Mai 15, 2022
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was good

i thought this was good but i was wishing that this person would stop doubting his other half so much. it was a up and down roller coaster of emotion. it was bit too much. the second people cleared theirs up nicely after a nice talk. if they all had just communicated in the first place, it could have been just 8 episodes. i wanted to see a wedding after all that. but maybe some one will make a quick movie for that showing both or at least the main couple. i kinda think they ran out of money at the end and all though it was a sweet ending seemed a bit abrupt. and they only touched on the in school couple briefly. would have loved to see more of that one. the keeping secrets an then saying the other person didnt love them was getting on my nerves, when they had a full hand of secrets in their pocket. i still enjoyed the ride. just glad this part is over.

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