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iu's queendom


iu's queendom

hi! im lin and im 19 (infj-t, she/her)

i really love watching dramas as it is an escape from reality. i love to watch immersive and really impactful dramas only after my exams are over because i get distracted easily :") the amount of times i randomly cry during the day thinking of a character's death or how beautiful a couple's relationship is astronomical :)

i love rom com genre the most, but i end up falling hard for the fantasy genre. also weirdly enough, i cant say no to any law-related dramas (i aspire to be a doctor but law dramas are really good) and i watch thriller dramas in moderation. i despise horror dramas because im so jumpy and i don't think ill ever recover from the trauma ;-; i love reading horror comics tho 

if i'm speaking more specifically, i absolutely adore soft, beautiful, artistic dramas with/without delicate/touchy subjects. if it is handled well, it will definitely be in my top 10 (i'm definitely referring to 'our beloved summer', 'the eighth sense' and 'blueming')

all my fav dramas and actors are in my lists ^^

uh i'll just leave this here <3

stay hydrated !


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