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I'm applying to DO on 5th July 2024

I'm a Jdrama fan since 2011/2012

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  1. My Jdrama collection already have 481 ( 22/06/2024 ) at my external hardisk and still counting..Yup, I'm a downloader type..hehe Done watch it 80% from my collections..
  2. I'm creating this account to spread my hobby to all Jdrama fans...
  3. My favourite genres are Detective, Investigation, Mystery, Suspense, Medical & Family. I rarely watch Romance drama since I'm picky about it.. I choose drama to watch based on genre,cast and comments..
  4. My favourite subber is Hpriest bcoz I love his taste which drama to sub.. Never disappointed ^_^ 
  5. Takuya Kimura & Aragaki Yui are my favorite actor/actress of all time..Done watch most of their project.
  6. Big 3 Queen of Drama are Ayase Haruka, Ishihara Satomi & Aragaki Yui.. High Rating drama
  7. I bet for more success in Drama entertainment from New Generation like Kiyohara Kaya, Mayu Hotta, Sakuma Yui, Mori Nana and Takahashi Fumiya
  8. The more you watch drama, the more you see variety of Actor/Actress.
  9. Jdrama is better than Jmovie ^_^ 


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