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Suchwita korean drama review
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by michelleoc
Mar 6, 2024
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He's hoping for a season 2, and so am I!

Where do I even begin. When I first read that they were going to do this show, I wasn't too sure. But Suga is a natural. He's playful with his BTS mates, yet still manages to bring out new things that we didn't know. They are goofy together, dancing, cutting up, and laughing about silly things they've experienced. He also gave an opportunity to spotlight some other bands that we may not know and then moved to actors.

I love the idea of every guest bringing their favorite beverage, and it was funny to me that Suga didn't quite know what to do with the ones that didn't bring alcohol. Then, when you add that each episode basically turns into a mukbang, what's not to love?

Each episode had something special about it, but the last episode with his best friend Jang Yi Jeong was especially touching. When Jang Yi Jeong touched on his problems with his voice and difficulties mentally because of it, there were moments of silence that Suga didn't feel the need to fill, because it's well-known that Suga has had his own struggles in the past. Their support of each other was obvious.

Suga is respectful of every guest that comes on Suchwita, and manages to draw things out of them that fans, or people that will become fans, want to know.

This is another good show to watch if you are at all interested in BTS, not just their talent, but their personalities and their camaraderie.
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