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Mai 17, 2024
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It was okay, I would like a special episode of the second lead couple.

This was my second Korean bl series. Overall it was okay. I personally liked the second lead couple Choi Balgeum and Ji Inho. I liked watching their story. I really felt bad for Balgeum especially in ep. 6 iykyk. Granted yes, Balgeum could’ve done something with Inho that wasn’t a lot of money. But I think it just made Balgeum feel bad because he wanted Inho to have a great time. I also think it was an insecurity of Balgeums’ to because his family was in debt meanwhile Inhos’ family was wealthy. Definitely episodes 3 & 6 were my favorite.
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Mar 1, 2024
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No geral 8.0
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Overall it was a good series

I thought overall it was a good series. The first few episodes weren’t that great, but it picks up right at episode 4 and 5. I really enjoyed watching the storyline of all the guys. Especially, Prom and Nont, Captain and Keen, and Puen and Aob. This series definitely deals with heavy topics such as drugs, mental health, etc. so if you don’t think that’s something you’re into then I wouldn’t watch it. But if you still want to give it a try then just check your triggers. All in all it was a good series.
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