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I'm a Transgender man, my birth certificate says "Female", but I don't feel like a girl, I feel like a boy. I haven't told my parents/family yt, I'm still worried ab what they would say or think of me. I have an uncle who is gay, he has a husband, they've been together for ab 6 years now, I also have an aunt who is Lesbian, she and her wife have been together for a long time as well. Some people tell me I should just tell my family the truth ab me, they say that bc of my aunt and uncle. My family supports the LGBTQ+ community and they know I do as well, they just don't know I'm part of it. I'm also Pansexual, Asexual, and Polysexaul. If u guys don't know what any of those mean feel free to look them up if u want. 


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