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The Clone Returns Home japanese movie review
The Clone Returns Home
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by leahakiko
Fev 9, 2016
No geral 6.5
História 7.5
Atuação/Elenco 7.0
Musical 1.0
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Before anyone reads any further, please note: I had to watch this for my class and sic-fi movies are nowhere close to my style. Please bare with me because I really tried to understand this movie as best as I could. Story | The plot surrounds Takahara Kouhei and like the title implies, deals with cloning and futuristic components. Honestly the plot was hard to follow the first time around. It jumps from past to present at times and there's very little dialog. It was interesting though, and once I wrapped my head around what was happening, a lot made more sense. Acting | There wasn't much acting. There were scenes with talking but a lot of scenes of quietness and walking. I haven't seen anything with Oikawa Mitsuhiro but after watching this I'm interested in his other works. I guess for what it was, the cast did fine. Again, it's more me not being used to this type of movie and not really know how to score it all. Music | I don't think there was any from what I remember. Overall | When the credits rolled, I was glad it was over. But as my class discussed our confusion and whatnot, I actually appreciated the movie a bit more. It became more interesting and made you really think once you sort of put the pieces of the puzzle together. Kind of thinking like well what if this was in our future what you happen etc. so the wonder aspect was..noted. I'd definitely say watch this movie twice or three times to understand it if you didn't get it the first time. I most likely will not be coming back to this movie again. Sri-fi was never my genre in the first place and although the movie was quite interesting, the movie was too slow paced for my personal liking.
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