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Orchid Blossom

Atlanta, GA

Orchid Blossom

Atlanta, GA

Aloha, Welcome!  


I've been watching Chinese dramas since I was a kid, and when Hong Kong (TVB & ATV) were still releasing the best dramas. Heck, I remember when Mainland Chinese dramas were "okay" but they're all I watch now days. 

I mostly like costume/historical dramas, wuxia, xian xia (love love love) and fantasy dramas, that are from China/HK. I've started to watch SOME Republic of China dramas, but I mostly stick to what I like, just because it's an escape from my normal life.  

 Anyways, feel free to add me. I mostly post about the dramas I'm watching,  tee-hee.  Just a heads up, if you friend me it's mostly about Chinese dramas. :)


Random Facts: 

  • I used to watch Viet-dubbed Chinese Dramas
  • I've seen every Barbara Yung drama, RIP </3
  • Once I'm obsessed, I'm OBSESSED!!! 


Favorite Wuxia: Legend of the Condor Heroes 1983

First Drama Ever: Mystery of Twin Swords 

Modern: You Are My Glory (so obsessed over these two!)


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