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In the span of 12 years, Liu Shi Shi turns from a vigilante to a government assassin.

Though in A Journey to Love, the group is government officials, the OT5 of Liudao Hall plus Ren Ruyi way of brotherhood are quite alike to Yi Zhi Mei OT4. Each has prominent skill sets and roles of being selected into the team. Love stories where a team has great strong foundation and works seamlessly together.

Though their missions are different in nature, the story is made up of clear arcs that’s very wuxia like. They hold on to their own code of conduct. Values like ? 'chivalry', ?'righteousness', ? 'virtue', ? 'loyalty' and ? 'vengeance/revenge' are the spirit of both stories.

Though the main couple leads have different love journey, both couples are ?A couple. Meaning the male and female leads are equals (mostly) in terms of their capability.
- Ning Yuan Zhou in A Journey of Love is more warm, friendlier, more caring and has higher EQ compared to Li Ge Xiao in The Vigilante of Masks.
- Ren Ruyi in A Journey of Love is more skilled, more strong headed and more direct than Yan San Niang in The Vigilante of Masks.
Both couples in respective stories are shippable regardless!
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-Both have 3 main cast which does not contain triangle relationship
- Both have mentor-mentee dynamic, as one of the main cast is a more senior doctor and also their superior
- The stories focus on patients
- The cases in this show are critical. The hospital in Dr. Romantic is located in an accident prone area, the hospital in The Heart is a specialised that deal with patients that have heart issues which are often time sensitive and critical.
- The romance part is slight in both stories.
- The scene setup looks real in both stories. Like I can believe they are hospitals that have been around for ages with how “old” they look.
- Both stories showcase nurses too.
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- Well written script on medical drama
- Female lead do not have positive impression of male lead at first, but recognise the latter’s medical talents
- Stories / lessons in the stories were delivered non-cringey-ly
- Both stories also have 1 similar arc on following procedure to the T vs bending it if the situation is urgent enough. It was the incident that made female lead respect the male lead more in respective stories. It was also the incident where the male lead got penalised for the recklessness despite successfully saving the patient. Because the lesson here is not on saving lives at all cost, it’s about building the accountability of the lives that are on the doctor’s hands.

Key difference
The doctors in Hippocratic Crush has more specialisation e.g. male lead is neurosurgeon, female lead is cardiologist, and many others key specialists. The Heart focused more on…well heart e.g. cardiologist, physician, and post ICU care doctors in the Heart Centre. This impacts the types of cases they come across.

The Heart also seem to centered more on patient stories (I watched Hippocratic Crush long ago, memory slightly fuzzy)
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- Main leads from both shows that have relatable and realistic career struggles
- Both leads have careers in different industries and met by chance, but are able to empathise with each other and give each other the spark to move forward
(1) Jing Jing is an actress while Yu Tu is a scientist
(2) Song San Chuan is a professional athlete while Liang You An is a corporate marketer
- Main leads from both shows found the courage and strength to pursue their dreams / passions / interests after meeting each other
- The romance development of both shows are slow burn, with matured and sensible approach

Random Fun Fact:
Jing Jing, an actress and Song San Chuan, a professional athlete have more similarities in their work nature than we think in principle. This is highlighted in a conversation between Alex and Liang You An in Nothing But You. One of the main job as a manager of professional athletes is to create a star. When see from this lens, there is a certain level of persona and public image to create for professional athlete and actor/ actress. SSC’s portfolio of work is his competition and results while JJ’s portfolio is her show and fans receptivity.
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- Both are detective / solve cases genres. Though set in different eras, the logic of the plots are well thought through with watertight logic
- Team that started from a group of strangers with complementary strengths and clear role
- The core team learns to trust and rely on each other over time
- Yuan Zhong Xin from Young Blood and Shi Jian from Record of Strange Things are same type of people. They are the smart Alecs who cares about their comrades way more than they let on through the course of the story
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