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Princess at Large
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Set 28, 2019
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Personally I love the whole 'girl from modern era falls in love with man from the past' kind of stories, after watching all of them it made me so excited about hearing about this show. Yes, the show may have an amateur cast and an amateur set but if we just look at the story and how much the two main leads love each other it is really enjoyable. :( also beware there is an open ending!

Plot : the whole 'pregnant male' idea confused me but it was resolved quite quickly due to our female lead being a doctor from the modern times, this lead into our male lead falling in love for her, no matter what she does he doesn't fall out of his feelings for her. Later on in the show a lot of political issues arise, making it harder for the female and male leads to get closer. Their romance is quite slow but its so worth watching because as soon as their romantic relationship arises she show becomes so damn cute.

Cast: all of the cast members are amateurs, our male lead is currently studying in university (this is this first project, I cant wait to see more of his work in the future)and our female lead has only played as a few minor characters from shows (this is her first main role), knowing this I didn't expect much from their acting but to be honest they weren't half bad! their chemistry was genuinely so cute so I have to congratulate them for this! even the other minor character in the show were played quite well.

Music: decent, there wasn't any song that stuck into my head after hearing it though but the music did help build up the important parts.

overall I think that this is a cute little show to watch, currently Lan Lan is the only one who has subbed it so if you're wanting to watch it with English subs request to join her 'invite only-PAL' group.

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