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What upcoming dramas are you looking forward to watching?

What dramas are you looking forward to watching in 2024?January Version

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Shows to watch in January 2024

This is for the challenge for next year. But I want to know what to watch starting next year. If there is something not on the list, please…

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Movies to watch in January 2024

Same rules apply in the dramas section. Add what movie I should watch in the comments before adding it yourself. You can look at my long completed…

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Actors and Actresses in non-MDL Country Projects

Actors and Actresses who have been in projects that are from any country that is not on MDL list of countriesExamples: USA, Mexico, Vietnam,…

30 people
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Dramas and movies not in challenge 2022

Dramas, Movies, Specials, and Tv shows I have watched throughout the year, but are not in the challenge because I couldn't fit it in the challenge…

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Japanese Dramas to Watch PTW pt. 2

Second part of my Japanese drama to watch in 2022. The top 25 dramas will be watched after the voting is done on January 1st! Completed: Umeraru,,…

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2022 Asian Drama Challenge Part 4: TV shows

To keep track of what I watch

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2022 Asian Drama Challenge Part 3: Specials

This is an Updated VersionTo keep track on what I am watching this year

23 titles
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BL and GL to watch in 2022

Too many dramas and movies so little time!!Completed: Theory of Love Special Episode, Baker Boys( NOT a BL, it is a bromance), Given, Keita…

52 titles
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Help me give a drama or movie a second chance

I have dropped dramas or movies because I did not have time or might of not have the mind set to watch the said drama or movie, I would like…

61 titles 17 comments
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Japanese Dramas to watch PTW pt. 1

Part 1 of the Japanese Dramas I want to watch in 2022. You can vote by January 1st. The top 20 dramas will be watched in 2022. Completed:…

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Begining of 2022 watch list

Too much dramas and little time as people say!! Completed Korea: Happiness, Dali and the Cocky Prince, The Fiery Priest, The Red Sleeve,  Squid…

89 titles
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Help me find my next drama/movie from my on-hold section

I have been wanting to get back to watching quite a bit of stuff On-Hold section for a while. I just don't know what to watch. Help me pick…

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Dramahiphop's Best Korean Dramas of All Time

This is a personal opinion only!!Tell me what is your favorite movie (s) in the comments.This is my 9.5-10 category 

33 titles 4 comments
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My Top Korean Movies of all Time

This is my list of Best Korean Movies of all Time. All these Movies are rated 10/10 and nothing less! I will do a voting list that will have…

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Dramas and Movies I Had watched before Challenge

These are the dramas, movies and specials I have watched before the challenge. This would of been the categories they would of been on if in…

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Best Taiwanese Dramas of All Time

I have decided to re-open it for you guys to add your favorites if you want. I can help me with watching more Taiwanese dramas if you add it. 

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Dramas that I have watched that aired in 2020

A title is explanatory.I am not participating in the drama 2020 challenge officially. But this would be the dramas that I would put in each…

54 titles
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Movies that I have watched in 2020

Movies that did NOT air in 2020 that I watchedI am not in the 2020 Asian drama challenge officially, but this would be the movies that I would…

57 titles
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Dramas that I watched in 2020

This is dramas that I watched that did NOT air in 2020. I am not participating in the drama 2020 challenge officially. But this would be the…

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