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I get colored by you, my eyes get welled up with blue tears, Blue
Spring, summer, fall, and winter, always in that same feeling, Blue

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hi, im kate! (she/her) i primarily watch chinese and korean dramas, and i subjectively rate them! i've dipped my feet in countless fandoms/communities, so i decided to join mdl! also, i send out friend request frequently <3 i began watching asian dramas in 2018, though i began watching them more prominently in late 2021! i watch anything that catches my eye or piques my interest, and i don't like dropping dramas.just a fan! i sometimes post rumors (or melons) that i see online in cdrama/c-actor comment sections, i have no malicious intent behind any of them and i only wish to keep fellow fans fans informed!
my firsts:
- korean drama: what's wrong with secretary kim?
- chinese drama: the untamed
- thai drama: 2gether
- taiwanese drama: lost romance
- japanese drama: cherry magic
Currently Watching:
-  Moving
Plan To Watch (Upcoming):
- Love You Seven Times
- The Comic Bang
"you are my eye." - hikaru no go (2020)
MORE ABOUT ME - I'm an ARMY! I'm active on twitter as a (mostly) bts fan account (@CUTIEMINY00NGI) I'm a big CQL/MDZS fan. I'm an INTP-T.  I follow many actors, my favorites are currently: Xiao Zhan, Zhao Lusi, Vivian Sung, and Jackson Yee. I'm currently a student so I can't dedicate my life to dramas just yet.  i find myself liking introverted male leads and extroverted female leads! links: my carrd (it's for twt),  myanimelist, tv time acc
My Favorite Dramas! (Click on them to see their page!)
Favorite Characters  (more like characters that remind me of myself)
Eun Dan-Oh
Adachi Kiyoshi
Lan Wangji
Gong Woojin
Kang Sol A
Favorite Couples

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