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Jul 23, 2020
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Great choice of plot

I have watched lots of gmm series and except for bl. The gifted is the series that I loved the most, since then I started to watch other gmm series whether it is related to gifted or not. and wolf is one of the series that I watched. The trailer looked so look and so I decided to watch it (It's my second-time watching it actually this is why I decided to make a review)

I gave 9/10 for the story because the story is really great. You can see the desperation in them for money. I would accept it too if it were me. Also, the missions wolf gave to them were really challenging and suits their personalities just right (glad it didn't killed them lol)

For the Acting/Cast I wanna praise the character development of Por (Off Jumpol) and Plan (New Thitipoom) those were really great twists. I'm glad they joined the game and realized the lessons wolf wanted to give them. I also want to praise Mo (Punpun) and Don's (Tony Reakken) english. They were the most fluent among the hunters. The one who made me laugh the most until the end is Ryo (First Kanaphan) his mixed english and thai got me cracking up. Great choice of casts! The roles suits them. It was balanced really well that's why I gave it a 10/10

For the music, I liked the intro (every after break) it sounded really suspenseful but dramatic (do u get me? hehe) I love it so it's 8/10

For rewatch value, I gave 5/10 because the series is actually good if you don't know anything abt it (that is what makes it exciting) the plot twists are what makes this series different but you can rewatch it but you won't get the chills anymore. You can rewatch it if you miss the vast but if you have known the story already. It will become boring. you won't have to question anything, anymore. because all of your answers have been answered the first time you did.

All in all it's 8/10, because I liked the story flow and their choices of places to shoot. Very inter they said. We didn't needed subtitles with most part of the series because they've been speaking english all along! If possible, they should shoot for season 2 with more asian countries featured and new set of casts. I want to make ssing's wish as a hunter come true 555555+

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