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My favourite cdrama
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My favourite cdrama
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My buddy paid for my Netflix subscriptions, so on May 6 2021, I started watching kdramas for the first time. My first kdrama was Crash Landing On You, and as a result of my friend's generosity, I became addicted to the world of kdramas.

My first chinese drama, The World Of Fantasy, which I started watching on August 1 of 2022, was inspired by recommendations I saw on Twitter and my love of Alchemy Of Souls. I only watched wuxia and costume dramas because I become easily bored viewing numerous episodes of contemporary day drama.

I used to watch anime as well, and  Code Geass was my favourite because of its emphasis on robots, warfare, strategy, and strong leaders.

My English is terrible; I generally use Quillbot, but I can understand English because it's my second language and it's the language that's spoken at my college the most.

on this account, i only mark my drama only (movie not included)

For those who are curious, here is my list of favourites and suggestions, some of my favourite dramas are listed below:



My favourites of  korean actress;

My favourites of  chinese actress;


Send me a message if you have any drama recommendations for me to watch or if you want me to give you advice on your upcoming drama;)


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