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Ajin - Demi Human
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Dez 16, 2017
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No geral 9.0
História 7.5
Acting/Cast 10
Musical 8.0
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I watched Ajin live action when a cinema in my city screened this movie. As a fan of the original manga & anime, I was excited and worried at the same time for this movie. So I went to the cinema with a low expectation, because I don't want to be disappointed, but then I  left the cinema feeling satisfied and wanting to watch it again. In my opinion Ajin - Demi Human is one of the best live action movie honestly (maybe after RK). So I felt the need to post a review.

Story: 7,5
Ajin is a fast-paced movie. The main plot for this live action was the same as the manga & anime, but there were some minor and major differences too. Fortunately, those major changes actually made the movie focused more on the main plot. I think the scriptwriter did a good job, that's why even if you are a picky manga/anime fan like me, I think you'll still able to enjoy this movie.
Action scenes take a big part in this movie, which probably about 90% of this movie. The action choreography is amazing. I was really impressed the whole time. Since most of the movie is about fighting, there is no big character development, especially for the main character. Though it was expected, since movie has limited time. There are not enough scenes and dialogues for us to understand the characters' personality, except for Satou. Also, there is some plot-holes that left unanswered. This movie also ended in an open ending that probably make a chance for a sequel. But I still give 7.5, because I personally enjoyed this movie a lot, and I think the writers succeeded to keep the intense atmosphere from the beginning until near the end.

Acting/Cast: 10
One of the reason why I was excited for this movie was the cast. This movie has a star-studded cast. For me, all the actors and actresses did an incredible performance in this movie.  But the one that really stood out from the rest was Ayano Go. His portrayal of Satou was amazing. Every gesture, expression, and speech was perfect. I think he succeeded to bring Satou into life. His acting felt so real to the point that I forgot that Satou is just a fictional character.  Shirota Yu also did a great job as Tanaka. His sharp gaze was perfect. On the other hand, I think Sato Takeru under-performed in this. His acting was good but I think he could do better. I blame it to the script that made his character seems dull. Despite that, I'm still giving the perfect score because the other casts was amazing.

Music: 8
 I think the music was suitable for the movie. Especially on those fighting scenes, the background music actually made the scenes more intense. Also, I love the ending song.

Rewatch Value: 9.5
Yes, I would like to watch this movie again. The cinematography was great. The CGI was perfectly done, the IBM looks so good and real. The action choreography was really detailed, intense, and amazing. So I don't think I will get bored from watching this many times.

Overall: 9
As I stated above, Ajin - Demi Human was one of the best manga-to-live-action movie in my opinion. Even though some part were changed, the movie still followed the original story. The casts' acting was good. I love the action scenes. My only disappointment with this movie was the main character's lack of personality depth. I hope if a sequel is planned, they can explore his personality more. But overall  I really enjoyed this movie from the start until the end.

(sorry for my English)

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