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Single’s Inferno Season 2 korean drama review
Single’s Inferno Season 2
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by etherealjae_
Jan 10, 2023
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Single’s Inferno 2 definitely had given me more of a raw emotions and sincerity to find a partner. I have seen dating shows, I’m not gonna say I like them, I felt like participants mindset is always about finding a fling than truly finding a partner. I do know that most of these show are to promote themselves, but Single’s Inferno 2 I felt their sincerity towards the person they are going after.

This may have been an unpopular opinion, but I love and I’m impressed about most of the paticipant being loyal, and decisive.

CAST/PARTICIPANT - I love each individual, and I rarely say this to reality shows. They all have their charms and strength.

Jinyoung : I truly believe that this guy thinks that he cannot decide or show his intentions but his actions says otherwise, unfortunately sometimes subtle actions are not enough to another esp when a better competitor is available.

Seulki : She’s someone who is considerate and knows herself. When she was heartbroken for not being sure if her feelings are reciprocated, she pick herself up and decided to give the person who showed sincerity to her, a chance, unfortunately she took so many bullets from being a person that is most sought after

Jongwoo : A definition of a guy that knows how to express both in words and action and know how to have bounderies. I was happy for him the most.

Seo Eun : Lovelist girl, she’s is honestly one of the best if not the best girls in this season, someone who can be direct, expressive, and decisive.

Youngjae : One of the best guy, I love that when his heart decided for him, he knows how to act on it, he was hated on for stringing a girl on but I do understand that it was hard to reject someone who showed so much sincerity.

SoE : If I’m being honest, I was frustrated that after many hints, after many times YJ did not pick her, after seeing him going only for one girl, I’m surprise she still going for him, I felt so sad for her, but I was so glad that someone came and change the game, she deserve to be loved.

Sejun : Easily the best guy in the show, the unbothered loyalty, and respect to SoE was so admirable. His humor and charm was insane.

Dongwoo : A guy who has two choices at first and was pick by the exact two women, unfortunately failed to capture both of them. May have been the most forgettable cast.

Nadine : Lovely personality, she was a chill person and unfortunately the show just didn’t work out for her.

Hanbin: The most respectful girl, someone who goes fir what he wants but does not make it heavy for another. A considerate nice guy, unfortunately someone had already capture the heart of the person he like.

Sejong : Probably the only person who I felt like someone who just wanted to go to Paradise more than finding a match.

Minsu : She participated late, but didn’t shine at all, she was easily overshadowed by all other girls.

COUPLES - very belivable feelings, like their feelings are so raw, and sincerity was shown.

Jinyoung&Seulki : their chemistry is off the charts, the tension can cut, and the feelings were so strong BUT communication was their downfall.

Jungwoo&Seulki : that love that you wanted to watch grow, that sincerity that blooms, it felt safe and warm.

SeoEun&Youngjae : the power couple, the couple that you can tell was strong from beginning to end, it screams forever.

SoE&Sejun : The unexpected chemistry and charm of like manhwa story, cute, and lovely.

OVERALL/ENDING - I truly enjoyed the whole show and some may not get the proper screentime, to me they have shown the drama between love triangles because it’s intense and interesting. No all character will have the same screentime, so understand why it was done the way it was. Ending was unexpected but it’s a twist that would make you feel happy either way. I like it and I thank all these participant to giving us a great show.
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