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Hello, i'm new to DramaWorld, and I love all drama movies and shows so far

Ratings meaning

10 - A perfect drama with a perfect story, chemistry, acting, music, romance or action with no boring moments, after watching it once, i can easily re watch it again like in 1-3 months.

9.5 - A really great drama that is almost close to perfect with one minor flaw with great acting and music, also chemistry, where everything just fits, able to re watch it again like in 4-6 months.

9 - A well made drama with a couple of annoying flaws or moments but everything else is great, the music, acting, and story, some moments are bad but a lot are just really good, able to re watch it again like in 5-7 months.

8.5 - A pretty good drama but didn't felt perfect but some of its moments were really good, the acting is good, story is pretty average but not super exciting but sometimes fresh, music can be meh sometimes, but overall, a nice drama with some boring moments or flaws, able to re watch it again like in 6-10 months.

8 - Drama is okay, but not great as a rated 9+ drama, it's story will keep you wanting more or not, chemistry can be sometimes good but also just boring bad, might have a major annoying flow but some of its moments would be so interesting and satisfying to watch, some of the cast can be really bad or annoying but the others would be great characters with their acting skills, can have some boring moments and unnecessary things happening, some of the OST can be good and bad, able to re watch it again like in 6-12 months.

7.5 - Average drama that has some really good nice moments but has many boring moments also or a lot of flaws, like crappy action, unnecessary episodes, annoying music that plays like 3-5 times in each episode, weak female or male lead, and things that make no sense but overall, it can have a bad ending or a really nice happy ending, the main cast acting is sometimes always good but the supporting cast can be a downfall, music sometimes good or just plain, story is predictable sometimes, not very exciting or that really great drama vibe but watchable, sometimes have to force your self to finish it to the end, re watching a drama with a rating 7.5 can be really hard to re watch again, but it can be re watchable sometimes, able to re watch it again like in 9 - 14 months.

7 - A pretty much boring drama with some good acting, music, and characters, the begging is sometimes great or good, but later, it gets boring quickly and a slow inpatient drama, music is whatever, just normal, not bad or good, the drama can feel really unrealistic sometimes, the story can get really good for a minute but then it gets ridiculous, confusing, and just plain unnecessary boring, the drama can feel watchable because of that one favorite actor or really good character, action scenes or kiss scenes can be really short and disappointing but overall watchable, barley, sometimes, you really have to force your self to watch it to the end because you really want to know what happens, able to re watch it again maybe like in 12-18 months.

6.5 and below - Boring, Bad, and Annoying is the Major for 6.5 ratings and below, some of the story will keep you interested for a episode but changes unpredictable boring, the chemistry can sometimes be good or just bad that their is like no chemistry what so ever, the kissing scenes can be statue or sometimes good but not the best like Another Miss Oh and Coffee House, and many dramas out there with really good kissing, Some of the characters can have bad acting and some alright, music can always be annoying and not that many great songs, just plain boring ones and annoying, endings can be horrible or sometimes just whatever normal endings, can have a lot of unnecessary stupid boring waste of time moments, female lead or male lead can be so damn stupid or annoying, or the whole cast, the plot feels not that original, just a really ridiculous story with only less then 5 good moments, 6.5 and below is a one time watch drama or not, if not, able to re watch it like in 15-30 months LOL 

Hello, my top five favorite Asian films from these Asian countries are from these so far. ( In Progress )


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