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In Blossom chinese drama review
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In Blossom
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by eliteles1
Mar 16, 2024
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The main point remains: inner beauty.

The main point remains: inner beauty. Because Pan Yue loves Yan Cai Wei with the face of Shanguang Zi, not because of the face, because he discovers day by day (that inside her), it is the Yang Cai Wei he knew since he was a child, never forgot, looked for her for 10 years and always said she was the only one for him. In episode 7, this feeling of his becomes explicit at the end of the episode.
Romance is what attracts me most about drama, in my case. It's in the title and I see it in the plot itself. But the fact that this couple who is discovering love, works together day in and day out, developing trust not just as friends, co-workers and childhood sweethearts rediscovering love. All these elements (in my opinion) gave it a more real consistency, as if it were from real life. It's not a drama, just sugary water that doesn't convince me. It convinces me precisely because of these elements. In fact, their story starts from childhood. And she remembers what he was like, and in her thoughts she makes the comment about him. And what happened to them in the past resonates in the present. To me (the feeling is there all the time) and I loved it, and that love convinced me. But of course (each viewer) immerses themselves in the story in a particular way. My immersion in the romantic and detective story is like this.
Drama master radish head
9 minutes ago from Weibo Video

Even if she changes her skin, what he loves from beginning to end is her soul, and he will fall in love with Yang Caiwei again and again Flower Order| Ju Jingyi and Liu Xueyi .
Tangerine Entertainment
3-26 09:45 by Liu Xueyichao

#Liu Xueyi talks about real stress response state#

After listening to Liu Xueyi's explanation, I finally understood why Pan Yue didn't recognize Yang Caiwei who sang nursery rhymes "I have experienced (stress) once, and I probably know what kind of state it is, just like silence, I see that everything is upgraded. ”[Bitter]Everything makes sense[Hello Teacher].
@Orange Entertainment:
Liu Xueyi: "Beauty and ugliness, noble and low, regardless of the shape." It was Pan Yue's heart who recognized Yang Caiwei first than Pan Yue's eyes, and he loved her from beginning to end. "???
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