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Current Public Lists:
Best Chinese OSTs of shows I've watched (with Spotify links)
Top 5 Dramas (Annual List) (5 dramas that I've watched for each year, starting from 2019)
Watched in 2020
Watched in 2021
Watched in 2022
Watched in 2023


Important points to me (in this order):
comedy, story set-up, lightness/cuteness (but not annoying), surprise factor, character development, quality of production (dubbing/audio quality, general video quality and editing)

Not-as-important points to me (that might be important to you):
cliche-ness (I don't watch enough genres to be picky), character/actor looks/favorites (I appreciate a few good actors but it doesn't matter if they don't deliver), length of drama (as long as it is filled with good stuff)

✩ STARS ✩Translation/Description
9.5Top-teir, likely comedy, guaranteed within my top 5 of the year. Light yet substantial enough to rewatch. I've rewatched most of the dramas in this tier (and I don't rewatch any other dramas)
9.0Great, would 100% recommend, likely comedy and/or contains some good life-lessons/reality. Would rewatch (if I really can't find anything new).
8 - 8.5Above average, likely comedy, likely light. Would definitely recommend.
7 - 7.5Not going to leave you shook, but would recommend.
6 - 6.5Would not recommend.
5 and belowA solid no.
0If you see a 0 or no rating on my completed list, it means that I watched it such a long time ago that I can't give it a fair rating. Likely a 7-8.5.

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