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Some Asian drama (and movie) facts about me:
  • Meteor Garden was the very first Asian drama that I watched, dubbed in our national language.
  • Save the Last Dance was my favorite Asian drama I've watched dubbed in our language aired every weekday nights.
  • I started watching subbed Asian dramas and movies around year 2009.
  • I'm a fan of sad stories. I like crying over them.
  • But a sucker for a good (even cliché) Rom-Com.
  • My all time favorite Asian movie is Koizorawith Secret being a great a contender.
  • While these are the movies I love:  So CloseMillionaire's First LoveA Moment to RememberWindstruck, 200 Pounds of BeautyCyborg SheKimi ni TodokeCrazy Little Thing Called LoveSunnyFour Sisters and a WeddingMiracle in Cell No. 7That Thing Called TadhanaSakaling Hindi MakaratingKita KitaBe With YouThe Last Princess, Ulan and Through Night and Day.
  • Princess Hours will always have a place in my heart.
  • I'll always love the Gokusen Series, Hana Yori DangoYou're BeautifulPlayful KissDream HighShe was PrettyWhat's Wrong with Secretary Kim and Because This Is My First Life.
  • Together with these short/special/web dramas: Splash Splash Love and Star of the Universe.
• Then, there are these dramas I ended up loving even though they're really not up on my alley: When a Snail Falls in Love and Flower of Evil.
  • While my current favorite dramas are Weightlifting Fairy Kim Bok Joo, Goblin and Mr. Queen.
  • I often re watch movies, also some dramas.

 • And I never finished these Watch Challenges! (Also, skipped 2023 at all.)
I also made Google Sheet for compilation of all things I watched.

How I rate: (I rate based solely to my personal experience - how it made me feel while watching the movie/drama, and not because of the movie/drama's qualities such as cinematography, casting, story line, etc. However, the latter may affect how I felt about the movie/drama.)
10 - I loved it! And maybe still loving it (rewatching it all over). Contented with the ending. Enjoyed it very much!
9.5/9.0 - Loved it, but just got some unanswered questions or some things I don't like.
8.5/8.0 - Liked it, just with more things I don't understand or like.
7.5/7.0 - Neutral. Not good enough, but not that bad.
6.5/6.0 - No. Just meh, can't decide.
5.5 and below - Horrible, just horrible.


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