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Hoshi Furu Yoru ni
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de blu22
Abr 4, 2023
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Unexpectedly Not Triggering and Heartwarming

As a CNBC (childless-not-by-choice) woman, I tend to avoid plots that would provide lots of potential triggers for me. Although I have accepted life as CNBC for about a decade, there are still some shows that trigger my infertile side. I knew this would be about an ob/gyn clinic, but I was nicely surprised because it wasn't triggering AT ALL. Most likely it's because of the layered aspects of the clinic part. It's not all roses and happy endings for couples or individuals when the female gets pregnant. Things can get complicated. This drama has managed to show a lot of different layers of pregnancy/birth/grief experiences. Different individuals react differently, but the overall tone of this show is positive and heartwarming.

As for the deaf/mute plot, I've seen more serious ones, but this one is kept heartwarming and positive, too. I have a slight problem with the way they dealt with the (spoiler alert) "villain" in this drama, but at the end of the day the way they continued the road with how they dealt with him was still acceptable for me. In some of the scenes, the villain character surprised me with his acting chops, so even though I hoped in real life they would deal with it differently, he got to show more of his acting chops because of the plot.

The dynamics + chemistry between the two main leads are awesome, too, for an age-gap drama. I love the way they communicate with each other. I appreciate the way that (spoiler alert) the ML kept repeating signing "I like/love you" to the FL because he said he didn't want to regret anything. This is something I can relate to and it feels realistic based on his background of losing both his parents. Plus I love the OSTs, so much, especially Yuka's "Hoshizukiyo". It fits the drama and the lyrics are so good. And Doyoung's voice is so soothing and hauntingly beautiful.

This drama has made me ugly-cry so many times. I'd consider this a healing drama. Sometimes healing takes a decade or more...healing from complex grief isn't a straightforward journey. It can take many different twists and turns. This drama also reminds me to cherish the time I have left with my loved ones and that family aren't only made up of blood relations.

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O Amor Estrelado
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Mar 15, 2023
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Beware: If This Is Your Cup Of Tea, It Can Make Other Xianxia Dramas Pale In Comparison

This is the first time I'm writing a review here, so I'm just going to write down what I like about this based on years of being a drama watcher. For me, this is the BEST (comedy) xianxia I've ever seen.

The greatest things about this drama:

1. Perfect cast. Not just the four main leads, but the chemistry with the side characters are also excellent.
2. Great pacing. No skipping, no fast forwarding (like what usually happens with other xianxia dramas I've seen).
3. The writing gets me so hooked that I can forgive any plot holes.
4. Great OST songs.
5. The acting!!!!!
6. The way it enables me to root for SO many characters and couples. There are so many loveable characters, even the smaller side characters. I've never seen a drama where I'm missing these many smaller side characters when they haven't appeared in a while.
7. The comedy aspect in this drama is A LOOOOOTTTTT and the timing of the comedy is always perfect.
8. Tropes/cliches done right with lots of hint of comedy and very minimal repetitions. Even one of the most annoying tropes for me (spoiler: amnesia) is done in such a clever way that made me realize the importance of it for the story.
9. CGI is great, too.
10. Despite the many comedic scenes in this drama, it's peppered with beautiful life lessons, such as:

- Embracing your inner child or inner feelings instead of repressing them (this one is portrayed so beautifully that I'll probably remember it for the rest of my life)
- Sisterly love/bond that is just so beautiful and heartwarming
- Loyalty in love/friendship
- Setting boundaries: even parents can be wrong and they should be reminded about it (whether they accept the reminder or not is another thing, but I like the fact that the main characters don't act like doormats)
- That putting out fire is easier than putting out hatred

I was watching this drama ongoing with some other airing dramas and I must admit, the other dramas felt bland or less cohesive or the pacing felt unstable or slow. It will probably take me a while before I can let go of this high standard after watching this drama.

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