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your heart ( ˶˘ ³˘ ) ♡


your heart ( ˶˘ ³˘ ) ♡
Build Up: Vocal Boy Group Survivor
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Jan 27, 2024
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okay guys this def has spoilers, im just gonna be saying my thoughts after each episode and highlighting my fav contestants and such! if u havent watched the full episode yet please do before u continue reading ><

okie ep 1, JAY GETTING MORE SCREENTIME :000000 oh my gosh you dont know how much ive been praying that jay gets all the attention he deserves and FINALLY mnut- i mean mnet finally decided to do so, him winning the votes from all 6 judges actually surprised the shit out of me too though like i did not expect that i dont think anyone was expecting that tbh, okie nothing else to say other than that i just wanted to congratulate this iconic moment, also seunghun getting that intro part i cheered :3

ep2, the other performances didnt excite me as much as the first eps did but they still did really well! (im sorry i just dont know any other contestants well and wasnt really into the songs :') BUT DITTAURRR omg i was so excited, cos we had wumuti and the other contestants id heard were pretty popular, i was praying so hard wumuti got top tier or atleast recognition, i felt so bad when he got so dismissed when he was trying out for the A part, like he didnt even do so bad compared to the other guy wtf, and during the actual performance i was smiling so hard when it was his part :D HE GOT TOP TIER YALL I SCREAMED, (to the person who messaged me IM SORRY GIRLYPOP WE'LL BURN MNET DOWN TOGETHER) GUYSSSS JAY WUMUTI AND SEUNGHUN ARE IN TOP4 RAHHHHH i did not expect my top picks to be up so high oh my goodness SEKRGHKJFGHQGTQ

ep3, GAWDAMN EVERYONES SO GOOD WTF, my favs were sherlock (gave me goosebumps fr park je up did saur GOOD) and dangerously (had me gagged) i am SLIGHTLY.... i mean A LOT irritated that jay and saeon's team lost, like that means theyre in it for elimination which makes me salty BUT I AM SO HAPPY FOR WUMUTI ESPECIALLY LIKE AJHVGAFLVGHAHGE DESERVED KING

ep4, the songs were pretty mid, i mean i could feel theyre emotions and desparation(?) but they remind me so much of those chinese sad(?) love songs my parents play in the car so im pretty tired of these sounds ngl. kick it team was pretty dissapointing like i love that song but it felt like they were singing late??? was that just me?? and kang seokhwa's voice didn't fit the song, it was like he wasn't doing enough, and jeon woong felt like he was tryna do TOO much (especially with the growl attempt), plus the voice crack babes i felt so sorry for them, same with 'a letter' i felt like mnet def left the less exciting performances in this ep, but i LOVED river so much, u could tell both of them were FEELING it like bain suits these songs SO well he was so sassy oml. his voice preview with maria had me in a chokehold, but the pre-4 mission didn't really do much justice for him, but this really opened my eyes to him, so yeah might start voting for him!

ep5.... bro i was so confused at first cos were we doing the same mission or the new mission? but duh ofc if i looked at the name but the editting threw me off. damn this round was long as hell ☠︎︎ performances wise, none of them stood out to me, mnet even ahd to skip past the really bad ones lord ☠︎︎☠︎︎ so ill just talk about the next round! first round, bro i was so scared cos seunghun and bain are competing with each other and that means one of thems gonna get eliminated so i didnt know who to root for, but i will say 'ill be ur man' team DID SO WELL OH MY, like u can REALLY tell the difference between good and bad peformances and thats when i realised it, also they looked so good in the suits gksdsghnrg I ALSO MY JAW DROPPED WHEN I HEARD THE PREVIEW FOR THE NEXT PERFORMANCE, KISS OF LIFEEEEE WHATTT I JUST KNOW ITS GONNA BE GOOD

ep6, i absolutely live for these performances, first of all before they announced the elimantions, i was DEF hoping for bain's team to win, he just impressed me so much BUT THEY LOST WHAT THE ACTUAL IM SOBBING, the next teams i didnt even know most of the people even existed im sorry ☠︎︎☠︎︎ guys the boring ballads need to go, THERE I SAID IT FIGHT ME IF U WANT i just cant with these sounds anymore, theyre voices just didnt harmonize well, and tae woo's voice was so scratchy and not in a good way, next teams... no comment, they were all decent, AND OFC jays team is in the next ep cry

ep7, HREGHEGERGRARARRR FEVER IS THAT GIRL, possible one of my fav performances in the show, anyways nothing much to say! go vote hunminjaybit team!

ep8, jay's team was great but i do think some members shined more than others so i do agree, but the highest being 90 was kinda sad, okay PURRR GUILTY TEAM i was NOT ready for that wtf and DRAMAAAA OH MY GOD I LOVE THAT SONG i literally was drooling before the performance (not literally i swear) cos i was so excited but i did feel like it was a bit empty compared to the original (cos im so used to the heavy backtrack) but it wasnt bad but didnt live up to my expectations omg uptown funk was SAURR FUNN, next team why is yeoone lowkey flopping i feel so bad for him, DAMMMN I did not expect milky up to win omg and i kinda expected the elimination to go how it did it TT

ep9, hmm... tell me why the performances arent as exciting as before.... obviously flower was really good but none of the other ones were that impactful, if im being honest even flower wasnt the most impactful but they did great nonetheless!

ep10.... oh lord here it is, the final okay the performances! omg waterfire the stage WAS SO PRETTY IT FELT SO ETHEREAL AND THE VOICES WHATT THE HARMONIES THE COSTUMES THE LIGHTING my jaw was on the floor the song is actually so good its kind of like the definition of beautiful , next performance was pretty good, not much to say if im being honest. okay... hunminjaybit RAHHH it was honestly really good like theyre voices are so good omg im sob

GUYS IM WRITING THIS AS IM WAITING FOR THE ANNOUNCEMENT HUNMINJAYBIT BETTER WIN OTHERWISE ALL THIS FOR NOTHING the freaking music is getting on my nerves HUH WATERFIRE IS THIRD bro that means wumuti didnt debut NOOOO GUYS PLEASEEEEE nah lee da hee's commentary is getting on my nerves NAHHH THE AD BREAK shes literally said 'the winning team is...' like 5 times. OH MY GOODNESSS RAHHkrhfregEG there snO WAYYY OH MY GOODNE WHAT TEH ACUAL YAYAY IM SO HHAPPY IM SO FEKING EITED RIGHT NW NAHHHHHH

hey guys btw the name bdu is kinda goofy ngl but i feel like itll grow on me (i hope)

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Single’s Inferno Season 3
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Dez 21, 2023
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one of the most ENTERTAINING things ive watched all year ?? automatically the cast is WAY more interesting than the last two seasons, yes ofc theyre are some boring people but like not as much as season 1 and 2. okay rating the cast!

kim gyuri- her first impression really REALLY rubbed me the wrong way god. when hyeseon complimented her she just kind of half smiled and didnt say anything like what.... (it might be because of the editing or maybe she didnt hear but idk...) so at first i really didnt like that, girly was definitely tryna pull a jia, but after she got rejected (ig even the guys picked up on it) and changed her personality, it became much more bareable to watch her so i appreciate her getting humbled. still super boring tho we dont really see much of her in the later episodes. ep 10 was such a rollercoaster, tell me why she was dissapointed that minwoo 'disobeyed' her and didnt stay put like she told him to, girl does he have to obey you? is he yours? are u not letting this man talk to other girls? i feel so bad for minwoo having to deal with this weird overprotective jealous gyuri staking claim on him like hes some sort of meat uhm...

choi hyeseon- ahhh she seems like a super nice and chill person to be around, i dont have anything bad to say about her nor anything to praise her about, she was just there and i think shed be a really good friend to everyone there. the fact that she was everything gwanhee WASNT interested in (a woman who doesnt approach him first, doesnt fall for his tactics, doesnt give him the satisfaction) and he STILL chose her just proves shes such a girlboss

choi minwoo- he doesnt really talk much so ofc hes kind of a mysterious person but i do think hes super kind but just not that outspoken. tell me why hes the person who talks the least (aside from habin) and still pulls girls oh well

lee jinseok- hes so amazing i love it. u can really tell hes super mature and laidback, not to mention FUNNY god, he can pull jokes out of his ass and make it sound comedic, im was rooting for him and minji, i was giggling and kicking my feet the whole time watching their paradise date (can i just say hes still younger than gwanhee but acts 38574967768476284 times more mature than that man child)

ahn minyoung- oh boy... at first! i really liked her personality she seemed like super duper bubbly and cute but as i continued watching the show, her behaviour was LITTLE icky okay maybe, a lot... she loves the attention she gets from jinseok but whenever someone puts them together or groups the two as together, she gets all pissy, i think shes mentioned she and him have a 'brother-sister' dynamic maybe 357397453 times already. now that jinseok is on a date with the new girl, shes only worried (not even jealous) now that no one will pay her any mind. cos i damn well know, if there was another guy on inferno, shed be cosying up to, she wouldnt give two fucks about what jinseoks up to with minji, im sorry but during the chicken (?) fight you could see her hip pads sticking out (cos her leg was lifted) idk if anyone else saw but it was so obvious ☠︎︎ ☠︎︎

lee gwan hee- DONT EVEN GET ME STARTED i knew he was so grotty from the get go, i just had a gut feeling, something wasnt right, because during the date with hajeong, he kept like idk rambling(?) about what she felt and her feelings and what shes gonna do, idek i couldnt register what was being said it just felt like a blur, but yeah the way he would constantly ask if she liked him was offputting, like do u need a constant confidence boost or something, do u need to boost ur ego every 5 minutes huh AND THEN ep 5 when ha jeong was going off at him was SO GOOD i was so invested and the scene with the girls talking about how gwanhee was treating them YESS i was cheering for all of them behind my screen, update after watching the most recent episodes, hes definitely improved himself and isnt as self centered as before but some of his behaviour and mannerisms really confuse me like i need to know what this man is thinking to pull the shit hes been pulling lately

son wonik- WOAH hes- hes super fine, just had to add it there, okay so not really much to say about him but he just seems like a sweet and soft guy, that date with sieun was so bad ?? the awkward tension dawg get me outta there. i really hoped he would get more screentime but that never happened _(:‚‹」∠)_

yun habin- uhm. no comment. he got really cocky after getting 5 candies so that kinda made me a little weirded out. im sorry he doesnt really get much screentime so no one even knows anything about him, hes just there which is kinda sad
update in the last episodes with his date with hajeong, bro didnt even try to communicate with her he was such a snoozefest i feel so bad for my girl for wasting her last date with this party pooper

yun hajeong- MY QUEEEN she makes the show fun by just being there, her presence is insane. i LOVE the way she talks and how shes so blunt yet flirty, like she has more personality than all the other contestants COMBINED, i dont think shes gonna end up with gwanhee anymore cos he kinda drifted away from her which im kinda salty about

park mingyu- we love a man in uniform. yes yes nothing much to say again, hes super shy and timid compared to his appearance which is a nice contrast, i think hes gonna end up with gyuri but gyuri doesnt seem to be as interested in him as he is with her so idk whats gonna happen. i also love how sweet and caring he is, no matter who hes talking to so i just have to praise him for that. the way he gave minji his shirt to wipe her tears i was cackling but seriously hes so adorable

yu sieun- something about this girl ICKED me the moment she was introduced, also the way jinyoung? dex? (why does everyone just call him dex now all of a sudden) mentioned she looked liked jennie had me rolling cos she literally doesnt in any way i dont know what hes getting at ?? over time shes getting a little more better to watch and i do think her and minwoo will get together! (i just have to say though.... the amount of times she strokes her hair and the way she tilts her head while doing it too infuriates me so much)

cho minji- the new girl! she seemed super sweet from the start and she had MASSIVE chemistry with jinseok and i loved that, i hated how he was just getting dragged around by minyoung (he deserves a happy ending) theyre so cute omg....
update, i can tell minji is super into gwanhee now so ig that isnt happening anymore aw man, also can we talk about her crying every 2 seconds over gwanhee, mind you, she met him like 2 days ago, i wish i was joking. shes gotten a little annoying bro, the way her date with jinseok and gwanhee was her just asking if she looked pretty and shamelessly tryna flirt, and her date with mingkyu was just her ranting to him about gwanhee i felt SO BAD for my man mingkyu there hes basically acting as her therapist atp

final couple predictions!
sieun and minwoo- the timing FINALLY worked out omg i felt so bad they couldnt even talk until the last few days omg
gyuri and mingkyu- they havent really gotten much screentime together, i literally forgot what happened in their date
gwanhee and hyeseon- they were just end game since the beginning! tho i dont like how hes been treating minji so nicely, then giving her the cold shoulder then just suddenly turning to hyeseon like??? maybe its just me
jinseok and minyoung- atp they just have no other choice ༎ຶ‿༎ຶ

habin, hajeong, won ik, minji are left over but they deserve so much better, especially my girl hajeong like gwanhee just left her on the sidelines like that, though maybe the date with habin and hajeong might go well and they end up together who knows sigh

GUYS THE SHOW FINISHEDD all the couples were as i expected and i think after the show only minwoo+sieun and gwanhee+hyeseon are still together or at least were together for a little while after shooting ended bro i can just tell gyuri+mingkyu and jinseok+minyoung didnt even last 1 second after. okay wrapping up it was such a rollercoaster with all these interesting(?) people bro i swear my brain was working overtime tryna understand some of these contestants but overall so fun! season 4 should def introduce eliminations and new people cos im sorry half these couples that were a thing, i could tell werent even into their supposed 'partners' and who they said they 'like' they were just doing it cos they had no other option dawg, ALSO idk if u guys know sultry film on youtube shes so brutally honest which makes it funny but yeah she said hajeong should be one of the people in the panel and replace dex which i wholeheartedly agree with JUSTICE FOR HAJEONG

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O Som da Magia
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Dez 24, 2023
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my fav drama of all time

excuse me WHY ARE THERE ONLY 6 EPISODES. you do not know how many times i cried because of the drama, and the fact that this is so short. funny story actually, i started watching this at the dentist because they have a tv on the wall of their waiting area, and i was scrolling through netflix (u gotta take advantage of the free netflix yk) and my mum said that this was a recent release, so i started watching it. boy i was OBSESSED. after my dentist appointment, i went home and watched all 6 episodes back to back. this was also the beginning of my ji chang wook phase oh no. anyway, because of this stunning cast, beautiful story and THE MUSIC AND OST. ive already rewatched this drama so many times and i still get so entranced. and because of this i give this a 10. my favourite drama ive ever watched!

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Em andamento 1/10
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Abr 19, 2024
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hm.... this proves to be yet another cursed survival show

im in the middle of watching the first ep and i just have to write this review because i cant take it anymore. first of all i noticed all the contestants literally look identical and im not tryna be rude or anything but they really do look so similar to each other, like im tryna root for specific people but i cant for the life of me differentiate them like.... also the amount of reactions they put in, i literally counted the amount of time before they put in a reaction cut to the performance, it was 2 SECONDS WHAT YALL EDITORS OUT HERE REALLY PUTTING REACTIONS EVERY 2 SECONDS???? and the performances arent even that good, the vocals and dancing are so mediocre, ig their stage presence is good, but thats just from what ive seen so far, ill come back and talk about my fav and which contestant i want to support, brb yall

OKAYY BAGGY JEANS TEAM GET IT i think that team absolutely devoured the stage up, im definitely gonna root for all 3 of them they did so well omg i think yuju shouldve gotten in ngl, like she was way better than some of the other people that got in (FIGHT ME) ALSOOOO DRAMA TEAM??? EAT THAT UPPP god i love bang jeemin, i was so salty she didnt get into illit

okay guys heres who im support (at least)
- koko
- jeemin
- jungeun
- yuju
- jiyoon

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