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Weak Hero Class 1 korean drama review
Weak Hero Class 1
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by asiandramaexplorer
Nov 25, 2022
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The Weak Hero who packs a nasty punch

Would like to give a big thank you to all the previous reviewers and reviews; because of those reviews, this went up in my watch list. After watching a few dramas and movies such as Better Days that deftly if not heartbreakingly tell the story of bullying, this one is up there in its unique quality albeit with a different angle focused on shifting alliances and developing friendships of several teens. There is less emphasis on the male/female romantic relationship dynamic. This drama doesn't just focus on the bullying at school, its gives a glimpse of how its weaved into the fabric of society at all levels whether its parents bullying their kids or in low level criminal gangs.

It was an interesting casting choice with the ML, he has a pretty boy face and even though he's supposed to be 5'8, the other male actors seem to tower over him which adds to the concept of a weak hero. I've seen the ML in Flower Crew: Joseon Marriage Agency which is a real light hearted rom-com and he plays an entirely different role in this. Its dark and at times it gets intense. His acting in this role is good, he captures the nuances of someone who has been suffering from parental neglect and being an outsider in his school. He seems depressed or numb to it all but is still motivated to do well academically which makes him a target with the bullies. His personality of not wavering when the bullies challenge him keeps him in the crosshairs. The situation ends up spiraling out of control. All the actors and actresses did a really job breathing life in their roles. There are some areas I felt was pretty good in adding realism to the motivation in the character's actions. When Oh Beom Seok asks Ahn Soo Ho to help Yeon Shi Eun when he's dragged off by thugs for a beating, Ahn Soo Ho declines since he's not that close with Yeon Shi Eun. Ahn Soo Ho isn't going to go out of his way to help someone unless there's some benefit that he gets out of it. Oh Beom Seok is meek and conflicted with the bullying he has endured at school and at the hands of his father. He comes from privilege but even with it, it doesn't allow him to escape from bullying in the school.

There's a fair amount of bare knuckle and knife fights, they look realistic and were choregraphed pretty well. The ML isn't a skilled fighter but he does have quick wit and a fair amount of courageous insanity that he brings to a fight. Since he is underestimated, he catches his opponents with an element of surprise and he has a lack of hesitation in making the first move once he's cornered. The ML does get beaten up a fair amount so it's not like he's some superhero dude who with a flick of his finger knocks all the thugs out. Kudos to the story tellers for adding that realism but you do question the ML's sanity in some situations where the odds were really stacked against him.

The drama was pretty well written, good acting, and the pacing was good - I didn't feel bored at any point, it is a rollercoaster of emotions. Appreciate the quality storytelling angle on bullying and the social effects from it.
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