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Love in Time chinese drama review
Love in Time
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by asiandramaexplorer
Out 14, 2022
24 of 24 episódios vistos
No geral 8.0
História 7.5
Atuação/Elenco 8.0
Musical 7.0
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At 10:06 the cute roommate shows up

Saw this pop up as a new series and was not familiar with the leads or the story. I thought I would give it a try based on the comments.

The gist of it so far is the ML and the FL live in the same apartment during different time periods. At 10:06 there's some strange time and space overlap where the ML and FL become roommates until approximately 10:52 , they are four months apart in time with the ML in 2022 and FL in 2021. There's also the backdrop of the mystery with the case the ML is involved in as a lawyer that weaves itself into the storyline.

Usually it takes a couple of episodes to sort of work its way through to get me engaged in the story, the first episode did a good job of captivating me despite the preposterous nature of the story. Anything with mystical time travel meld mish mash or whatever it is I usually just shove my brain somewhere else while I watch it and this is no exception. They do try to explain it somewhat but whatever.

The pacing is done pretty well, so far there aren't any moments where I sigh in exasperation or start snoring. There is a decent production quality to it; it's not another cheap cookie cutter budget drama that is churned out en masse.

The acting is good, the ML seems to shine, he seems like he's meant for the part. Its refreshing since there's plenty of big name ML actors who are wooden and need to tweak their abilities in this area. The moments when the ML first encounters the FL when the space time meld occurs is funny and his reactions are pretty realistic for someone who is completely baffled and frightened by the sheer incomprehensible nature of the situation. Their reactions evolve from being frightened to subsequent arguments and fights to partners who work together trying to alter the direction of the tragedy of their best friends between the present and future. The FL is cute, she looks like she barely wears any makeup and its just so nice to see someone who just looks normal as a FL.
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