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Ashes of Love chinese drama review
Ashes of Love
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by asiandramaexplorer
Out 5, 2022
63 of 63 episódios vistos
Completados 5
No geral 6.5
História 6.5
Atuação/Elenco 7.0
Musical 9.0
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Saw it based on all the Hype with a 宝宝 FL

After a few years since its been out, I finally got around to seeing it early this year. GF saw it around the time it came out and has been asking me to watch it with her since then. She didn't mind watching it all over again. *All 63 episodes* Amazing, applaud her for the dedication.

What is the verdict? Uh... it's ok. I'm not really a Xianxia fan.

What's the short of it?

Xianxia Genre. Grape fairy who can't fall in love and wants to level up on magical powers quickly, Phoenix Immortal loves her first, Grape fairy or Frosty Flower later on can love him back but Phoenix Immortal needs to come around to loving her again. Some comedy in the first half. Second half is Romeo and Juliet angst, drama, major misunderstandings, rinse and repeat.

Why would one want to watch this?

* All 63 freaking episodes is devoted to the love, angst, and drama. I will say there were parts of the storyline which were engaging. The ML does a pretty good job with his acting, he has the ingredients of:

- Pompousness and Pride
- Inexperience and naiveness with love (isn't he supposed to be an Immortal that has lived thousands of years? You would think he would have honed his love skills)
- Courage and Willingness to go against authority
- Some initial coldness towards the FL
- Being a Powerful Immortal
- His face kind of looks like a Bird

With all those ingredients combined, viola you have the recipe for the Ultimate Romantic Bird Immortal ML. The way he shows his emotions on his face while he is gradually falling in love with her and the passion he has for her was believable even if it got cringey.
* The storyline where the ML and FL end up in the mortal realm was the best in my opinion. The love that unfolds between them is told pretty well and you are drawn in as a viewer to the love story.
* Cute FL, yes she is cute like a bunny
* OST is good
* Love triangle and power struggle, some hate it and some love it. It's meh.

Why would one not want to watch this?

* The FL acted really childish 宝宝 and kinda stupid in the first half of the drama. I didn't really like the personality. She was completely unbelievable as a male attendant for the Phoenix Immortal. The scenes where her hair gets unpinned, it falls down, and she is finally seen as a girl who is extremely pretty were cheesy. They might be immortal but they lack a fair amount of brains.
* Cheesy Xianxia settings, costumes, and roles.
* Leave your brain in between the gap of the door and door frame before entering, let the door slam firmly shut and squish it to pieces.
* Love triangle. See the bullet in the above section.
* Didn't like the love story of the Demon Princess and her SML lover.
* It dragged on for far too long. The last 6 or 7 episodes really sucked in my opinion and wasn't necessary. Fast forward time.
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