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D.P. korean drama review
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by asiandramaexplorer
Out 3, 2022
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Not an Easy Watch but Executed Incredibly Well

This was a a brutal watch. They pull no punches on this one and expect to get body slammed in the last few episodes. It wasn't easy to sit through, it exposes issues that makes you flinch and squirm. Bullying, incompetence at all levels of leadership, feeling trapped, mental health issues that aren't addressed nor does anyone care to address it, violence, hierarchy, and the dark side of human behavior. There are some light hearted moments but plenty of heavy ones that dominate. The acting was incredible. The SML did a phenomenal job as a partner to the ML and it was truly worth watching every minute with him on the screen. While he probably isn't considered mainstream S. Korean actor good looking, he should get more main parts because of how well he executes his craft.

My favorite episode is the boxing fight scene, supposedly it was done by the actors with no stunt doubles and they had to learn how to box good enough to convince the viewers.

Wow. Tough to watch but leaves an impression.
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