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Love Between Fairy and Devil chinese drama review
Love Between Fairy and Devil
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by asiandramaexplorer
Out 3, 2022
36 of 36 episódios vistos
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Light Hearted and Funny Fantasy

There are a lot of reviews for this, this review will be another drop in the ocean. Its a light youth fantasy CDrama for Xianxia diehards.

Is it mind blowing? No.
Does it have many plot holes? Yes, its Xianxia for god's sake.
Is it entertaining? Yes.

The characters for the most part are entertaining and the acting for some of the actors have improved. Dylan Wang from Meteor Garden and that other dude who was the ML in Maiden Holmes have improved from their wooden performances. Both of those shows had these actors as the ML, I couldn't finish those shows. Esther Yu's fairy character is cute but was super annoying in the beginning. BF repellant annoying, nails on the chalkboard annoying.

The enjoyable parts:

The fairy and the devil have a body swap, it was entertaining to see the performance of the gender reversal. The fairy goes from the clueless naïve fairy to the cold hearted demon and vice versa. It was good they didn't drag it out through the whole show but it was entertaining for the first few episodes. The kissing for the soul swap wasn't necessary, too gratuitous, and was sort of stupid, would have been better if that was cut out.

The mortal realm was probably the most enjoyable part of the series; the storyline is really different from Ashes of Love but for both shows; the best parts were the time they spend in the mortal realm. It was hilarious with the hijinks due to the jealously, how clueless the SML was since he had no prior recollection of his immortal past, and how things just went completely wrong at each turn.

The gradual love which blossoms between the fairy and the devil. The chemistry between the leads is pretty good. Funny banter and face palm moments. They did a pretty good job with that, none of that instalove stupidity. There were some jokes cracked on the fairy's plain appearance and how it was no match for the Demon Lord. It seems to me the Demon King's looks are pretty plain too.

If one is looking to procrastinate from studying or whatever it is, this is a good enough show for that distraction.
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