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To. Jenny korean drama review
To. Jenny
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by apchala
Jul 19, 2018
2 of 2 episódios vistos
No geral 9.5
História 9.5
Atuação/Elenco 10.0
Musical 10.0
Voltar a ver 10.0
In one word this show would be described as sweet.
Don't be skeptical to watch it because it's only two episodes. They are two really good episodes.

The main character Park Jung-min is so lovable. He's a bit awkward, but when it comes to music he changes into a different person. He's definitely my favorite part of this show. Kim Sung-Cheol did a great job expressing Jung-min's fears and his love for music. He's a relatable normal character who you're going to find yourself rooting for as he tries to win the girl of his dreams.

Jung Chae-Yeon plays Kwon Na Ra, a former one-time idol still with the hopes of pursuing her dream. I think she played her role well, don't let idol bias stop you. She fits the character really well. She's the former popular girl at school and the Jung-min's childhood crush.

The show is refreshing. It's somewhere between a sweet tiramisu (haha, you'll get this once you watch it) and a cool cucumber. It's not the most original of premises, but somehow it feels different than other shows. Don't worry there's no cliches nor any cringy parts. Everything flows easily and you'll be surprised that time passed so quickly. The plot is well constructed and executed.

The chemistry between the leads was also a plus. This is the two episodes work at a disadvantage because by the time you're done you're going to be wishing for more.

I loved Jung-Min's support system. From his little sister who gave him dating advice to his friends who stand by him to his gruff uncle who's interest is always best in heart.

The music is also a highlight. I think most of the songs are covers, but they're incorporated into the story very well. They 're catchy and have caused me to constantly replay the songs on youtube. If you're skeptical about watching this, I say watch for the music.

My only qualm was that the ending felt like it could have added some closure to a few things. But they're also a few very small parts that I think can easily be overlooked.

Overall, It's a light, funny, entertaining and good quality short watch.
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