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7 Reasons Why You Should Watch Love and Destiny
Editoriais - Out 8, 2019

Love and Destiny is a 2019 xianxia drama. This article summarizes the story of drama Love and Destiny, talks about the characters, background, main plot points of the first arc of the story, and provides reasons why people should watch this drama.

A Horrible Attempt to Translate Chinese Lyrics
Editoriais - Dez 9, 2018

This MDL'er attempts to translate Chinese Drama OST lyrics into English. See how it goes inside!

Foreign Fantasy Movies That Can Be Adapted Into K-Dramas
Editoriais - Set 1, 2018

What new sparks could be produced if foreign movies were to make a crossover with K-Dramaland? And this brings us to the list of foreign fantasy movies that can be adapted into K-Dramas!