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A few facts about me:

♦ I go through loooong drama and MDL slumps. I've been watching dramas since 2006, so life comes in between more and more often.

♦ While I watch  and love dramas and films from many different countries, I have a soft spot for all that is Japanese. My main reason to take long breaks from this site is its blatant bias in favour of South Korea.

♦ I rarely choose what to watch based on the rating here. To restore what I personally perceive as just, in my mind I usually add 1 point to the rating of Japanese shows and detract 1 to the Korean ones. 

♦ I'm not hard to please, but I'm easily irritated by: bigotry, gossip, trend induced choices, tunnel vision

I don't care if a drama depicts a jerk male lead as long as the female counterpart can stand her ground and has respect for herself. - for popular reference, see the Hana Yori Dango vs. Itazura na Kiss female lead's attitude.  Recommend to me the first any time but beware to even mention the second.

I'm a serial re-watcher.  


I've realized there is a precise moment or scene  in most of my favourite dramas, when  my liking turned into unconditional love. In no particular order:

- Lee Jae Ha's trembling hand on the bridge railings  

"The King 2 Hearts"

- the appearance of Hontou Ojisan, an old man who runs around at night asking random people to tell him their truth

"Nobuta wo Produce"

- The weird ensamble of neighbours partying on the floor landing  

"Love Shuffle"

- Friends froliking in the fountain 

"Coffee Prince"

- Nao and Hiroto falling into the pool

"Tatta Hitotsu no Koi"

Kai sleeping by the bike with an open umbrella (and everything that came afterwards)

"Orange Days"

Yes, please destroy it! 

List is still long, time is short.


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