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Wang Ji El

Somewhere in Asia

Wang Ji El

Somewhere in Asia


Welcome to My Profile....

About Me :-  A girl obsessed over c-dramas, k-dramas and Thai dramas (also j-dramas from time to time).

My Favourite Genre :-   ADVENTURETHRILLERMYSTERYROM-COM [same priority order...]

My Firsts:-

          Thai Drama

Seriously, "My Neighbour Can't Sleep" is really an underrated drama..

My All-Time Fav /  My Obsessions :-

           Thai Drama

Few Facts:- [Not really important LOL]

1. There are actually many c-dramas that I am obsessed over.. and one of them is My Neighbour Can't Sleep and since it was my first drama I gave the place to Go Go Squid.

2. Yes, the same goes for k-dramas where I am obsessed over many k-dramas and one among them is Extraordinary Attorney Woo, but I rewatched Goblin without skipping any scene and it really is a surprise for me too as I don't rewatch dramas without skipping scenes, so the place goes to Goblin.

3. Sadly, there is no Thai drama that I am obsessed over until now..But I sense that maybe soon I may get one so I left the place empty w/o excluding it.

4. Wow!! Alice in Borderland is the one of the best dramas I have watched although season was a slight bit let down, the first season was mind blowing. Also, I am slightly obsessed over Todome no Kiss (Kiss that kills) but Alice in Borderland deserves this place.

K-pop groups I Stan :-

         STRAY KIDS

Well, If you have the same interests as me or recommend me any dramas feel free to befriend me, just so you know I'm very friendly hehehe :)


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