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Porto Alegre, Brazil


Porto Alegre, Brazil
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Set 23, 2017
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The story is sad (from start to finish), ~keep that in your mind if you're watch~ and not very complex. The key point of the plot is: The Hae Sung returns after 12 years (back from where? From beyond, I don't know, you don't know, he just wakes up again in school), discovers that he was accused of a crime he didn't commit and that his family and friends suffered a lot because of it (Jung Won blames himself for Hae Sung's death, because she had him get his wallet at school on the day of the accident and his brothers practically broke up after the death of Hae Sung). Then, Hae Sung will try to prove his innocence (next to his friend and now detective, Ho Bang - fantastic character) so that everyone can rest and be happy again.

Now think with me, it's 40 episodes of 35 minutes for Hae Sung to try to find out the real delinquent and clear his name, so he can rest in peace. It's a long time just for this, right? And yes, that's all. If you watch or anyone who has watched you must have realized that in many episodes, simply, nothing happens, precisely because of the main plot that's, although very different, limited.


 But in fact, there're many good points that led me to end this drama. First, Yeo Jin Goo. Since I watched Circle I decided that I would follow the career of Yeo Jin Goo because his acting is astonishing and flawless. He's wonderful and didn't disappoint in Reunited Worlds too. The Hae Sung is super altruistic, because he only thinks of helping his brothers and friends, almost doesn't think of himself and also very charismatic. In fact, I believe that was why he came back from beyond, his soul must not have rested while his brothers and friends suffered so much. Good theory, huh?

Second, the secondary couple: Ho Bang and Jin Joo. Wow, I laughed a lot with them and I had different and funny moments. The story was supposed to be a melodrama of those very tearful, but the thing that stood out to me most of the plot was the comedy that these two were together.

I loved Hae Sung's brothers too, especially Hae Chul. He's so lovable!

The friendship between the 6 friends (Hae Sung, Jung Won, Tae Hoon, Ho Bang, Jin Joo and Moon Shik) is hearty and sweet. Moon Shik and his random comments were funny too.

Lee Yun Hee acting... I didn't think of the worst as I saw people commenting, but had several situations that didn't favor their performance. I felt that she couldn't demonstrate some feelings and expressions very well. But I also didn't watch some of her most famous dramas such as Ghost (2012) and Miss Korea (2013), so I presume it may have been due to difficulty fitting into the personality of the protagonist, Jung Won.

And they certainly didn't exploit Ahn Jae Hyun's performance, although they have had a certain commitment to the psychological of their character, chef Cha, mainly, and that of Jung Won and Hae Sung.

The friendship between Chef Cha (he's the chef of the restaurant that Jung Won worked and in love for her) and Hae Sung is really really beautiful (I forgot to comment).


The OST appears at right times and is very exciting and sad. I liked it!

Rewatch Value

The plot have some surprises, but it's true that most of the time it dragged on, was predictable and a little exhausting. The option to watch only half an hour a day helped a lot.

As you may have noticed, I can't come here and just criticize this drama because I (very particularly) ended up holding on and simpatized (but why? Just to suffer crying a lot). Do the positives stand out from the negatives? I guess yes, but it depends on your point of view after reading all this (we all have different opinions, right?) In fact, I don't regret having accompanied because I had good times, happy and exciting, but overall I don't recommend that you leave Reunited Worlds as a priority on your list.

If you still have doubts, watch the first episodes and see if it's worth it, because the plot follows the same rhythm until the end.

~ Reunited Worlds is a good drama that you need to be open-hearted to be captivated and embraced by the plot (to later cry cry cry a lot), if you aren't captivated really isn't worth ending with hoping to see something very surprising (since there aren't surprises at this level).

~ The romance is very slow, but early on we realize that Jong Won loves Hae Sung unconditionally and reciprocally.

~ sorry for my English.

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Out 5, 2017
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No geral 10
História 10
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Heo Im (Kim Nam-Gil) is a very famous acupuncturist doctor who worked in one of Joseon's superintendents, caring for the most needy people. It turns out that at the same time, he was accumulating a lot of wealth going to treat senior officials at night.

The opportunity Heo Im so much hoped emerged: he was cast to treat the King's disease, and completing the treatment, he could finally win the position of a royal doctor.

At the beginning of the journey to palace, he was surprised by a desperate father with his very sick daughter in the lap and decided to leave them waiting, giving priority to the treatment of the king.  It occurs that before starting with acupuncture, Dr. Heo's hand began to tremble and he wasn't able to apply even the first needle. The incident was considered an insult to the King and he had to flee the palace before being imprisoned. But the officers chased him and cornered him on a bridge. After receiving an arrow, Dr. Heo fell into the river and traveled in time.


Live Up To Your Name, Dr. Heo ... I started to watch without many expectations and I was completely stunned by the script! It is simply amazing and very well written. No flaws, the story flowed very well and was a phenomenal experience. It's from another level. It isn't a simple time travel drama.

The drama is a mix of medical, historical and romantic comedy genres with a more adult twist. The exchange of environments (Joseon / Seoul) is fantastic and very well made and occurs at the most opportune moments. They also succeeded in highlighting the change in medicine between the two centuries, focusing, for example, on equipment such as the needle, herbs, then scalpel, medicines and others.

Oh yeah, the story brings up several other historical points and characters that were important to medicine. The history pass in the time when the Japanese invaded South Korea. Let me cite an example: Dr. Heo Jun (Uhm Hyo Sup) was actually one of the best royal doctor during the King Seonjo Dynasty in Joseon and constantly appears in the drama , bringing brilliant lessons; So we still take a "bath" of historical knowledge.


It's even funny because, at the beginning of the drama, I watched two completely flawed protagonists. Dr. Heo had been torn apart by the injustices of the world and could no longer be considered a doctor, for his values had been lost in the arduous path that life was in Joseon. Choi Yeon-Kyung decided to be a doctor after losing her parents and resent her grandfather, she became apathetic (apathy - lack of passion), a little arrogant and did not sympathize with her patients.

The evolution of the characters is the big point of the plot! They with their own faults help each other, correct and grow in an impressive way. And you know what else? The story unfolds at a perfect and exciting pace.

I can say that I followed Dr. Heo's path and that today I am his great fan. That I understood your feelings, your inner conflicts, your responsibilities and your despair. And this is all merit of the brilliant performance of Kim Nam Gil.

The secondary characters are so charismatic and I've been falling in love with them little by little. Everyone has some influence on the plot and their presences have made the story even more unique.


The OST is beautiful and exciting.

Rewatch Value

Yes, this drama has a flaw: it's over. Oh really! I'm missing this drama, I didn't want it to come to an end so quickly.

And the romance? The romance is beautiful! Perfect! The protagonists have a lot of chemistry! Really! And as the Japanese samurai said there in episode 16 ... They look beautiful together!

So if I could honestly say to you guys not to miss a drama that was broadcast in 2017 I would say that's the one. I know a lot of people don't know and didn't follow and that is why I need your help so that this review reaches the hearts of our chingus!

It's a drama to get involved, get excited, have fun and that's exactly what we're looking for!

~ Sorry for my English.

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