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Além do Mal
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Ago 19, 2023
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Beyond Evil is a fantastic thriller that will leave you questioning everything

I am totally new to Dramas and this will be my first review on here so please bear with me and I found this show to be so interesting that I have to express how I feel

I'm a huge fan of crime thrillers in general, whether it's books or movies, I love them. But Beyond Evil is a first for me since it's a Korean Drama and I never really delved into them fully before. I wasn't disappointed, in fact I was pleasantly surprised.

Set around a group of people ingrained in their local small town community - the show perfectly depicts how societal norms affects people's lives and the lengths people go to quench their desires - be it for good or evil. I found the setting to be perfect to explore such themes. But all this serves as a backdrop to the real story at hand, a ruthless serial killer, two detectives who will go to extreme lengths, and a local community caught in the middle of a huge political storm - that'll have huge ripple effects on our main characters.

I was immediately gripped from the first episode, there was never a dull moment and each scene served a purpose to the overall story - even the slow burn/set up episodes were enjoyable to watch. I'm not quite sure how Korean Dramas usually operate but I often found myself impressed at the depth the series goes to flesh out the main cast. It was extremely thorough in developing not just the two main characters but every one involved .. it's a true ensemble and I especially loved all the bonding moments between the characters and just how flawed they are with each other.

Again, I have to reiterate I'm not familiar at all with Korean Drama nor the actors. So I really wouldn't know where to start but the acting itself is FANTASTIC.. I was shocked at the level of quality involved. In particular, I have to mention Shin Ha Kyun as Lee Dong Shik.. there was even this one scene that got me crying.. which I never thought would happen nor I would be so invested into his storyline. He was unbelieve in this series and deserves to be singled-out. But this doesn't mean the rest were not. In fact, everyone is truly a master of their crafts and I totally bought into their characters and the roles they were playing. I cant recall all the different emotions I felt watching this..

I have to mention yet again that I have no idea who made the music for this series or how things are in Korean Dramas, but the OST is also top notch and simply adds to the different moods the show was trying to explore, I loved the music and there are two soundtracks that I wish I could find online. LOVED IT!

I could see myself rewatching the series down the line. I am a little exhausted by the end of it. I think the lengths of each episode was the biggest shock.. But i guess this is the case for most dramas.. I think?

I'm new to all this .. So this is the opinion of someone who isn't well informed into this world, but I'm thrilled to have not only enjoyed this show, but totally love it. I feel like I discovered a new wealth of content in this medium and I can't wait to watch more. Beyond Evil is truly a great show - not without it's flaws of course - that will keep you wanting the next episode till the very end.. I honestly cant recommend it enough

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