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usually chilling on my bed


usually chilling on my bed
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Run BTS! Season 3
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Jan 9, 2019
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I am so happy to see them active and smiling, I love them so much, I hope they keep thriving and hopefully everyone on earth will know about them, I love them all very much, one of the many reasons of why I am happy today ;3 I can't wait for all the other episodes and hopefully a new season after this and as Jungkook said maybe they will have 100 seasons XD I can't express my love cause it's so big, hopefully I get to see them one day but until that day I will keep supporting them I love the show, it keeps me smiling and I get to know more about their inner characters and about their personalities, I feel like I see a new version pf them in each episode, I'd like to see them more outgoing and maybe in one episode they will go hiking or go to a jungle as long as they are safe, I just want to see more of them, HOPEFULLY this season will be as long as the last one or maybe longer, the more the episodes the better!!

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