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Hey bestianas, I'm your local genderfluid gay Jacob (He/They). I'm 20 years old and from the country with dreary days and nights, England. I first got into dramas in October 2020 when I watched the first series of SOTUS on Netflix. After I finished it I had to find the second season and watch it and just like that I spiralled out of control and became a BL addict. My big three in astrology is Libra (Sun), Scorpio (Rising) and Virgo (Moon). My Instagram is @jacob_hopewell if anyone wants to be friends it's my only active social.                                                                             If you're homophobic, transphobic, racist, ableist etc. you will be blocked immediately.
                                                                         So keep it cute, keep it mute or get the boot.
My top 3 hottest actors
Chris Wu
Mild Lapassalan
Tay Tawan
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Rating System
10 - Perfect or very nearly perfect
9.5-9 - Amazing drama one or two minor problems
8.5-8 - Great drama with quite a few minor problems
7.5-7 - Average drama
6.5-6 - Below average but still solid
5.5 and below - Haven't had the honour of rating this low

Likes that increase rating:
  • Amazing cinematography
  • A good soundtrack or sound design
  • Characters with a lot of depth and development where you can understand their actions in situations
Dislikes that decrease rating:
  • Sexual abuse or rape that has no consequences or does nothing to develop the plot
  • A lack of plot or plot holes
  • A lack of depth and development in characters
My first dramas of each country
Dark Blue and Moonlight - 
Like in the Movies -
My first dramas of each country continued
Where Your Eyes Linger -
South Korea
Addicted Heroin -
Cherry Magic -


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