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An extremely curious and engaging mix of Thai LGBT and Japanese Pinku Eiga

This show deserves a lot more credit than it is given and most of the criticism it receives are way out of proportion and generally coming from people who don't get what it is about and who expected something different and more tropey.

There are obvious and objectively justifiable flaws in its acting and script but they are by no means worse or more serious than in several other projects where much bigger faults are easily overlooked by the fandom.

This is a unique, interesting and generally intriguing yarn that covers loads of serious subjects from male prostitution and sexual kinks to social commentary on Thai society, hierarchy and judicial system with an interesting homage to the Japanese Pinku eiga genre in its way of mixing thriller elements and serious dramatics with satire and spoof as well as in its deliberately over-emphatic NC scenes and underground-style cinematography. Those who have been familiar with the genre are most likely to be less baffled by what they saw than the standard BL fans accustomed for ordinary Thai BL.

Strictly for open-minded adults and strictly not for fujoshis

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