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Physical: 100 korean drama review
Physical: 100
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by TangYan
Fev 23, 2023
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Ultimately flawed.

The show had good intentions, but ultimately flawed.

With so many variables and ineffective challenges, there is no way they can say they found the absolute best physique or specimen out of all contestants.

In my opinion, it's not a show entirely focused on actually and accurately finding the perfect body.
Many good contestants and top athletes were eliminated too early without having the chance to showcase their true abilities, and also some developed injuries which also did not help.

The team challenges sets were incredible. And while were most exciting and fun to watch, did little to actually single out the best of the best. Rather I saw it as them wanting to slash down on contestants.

My biggest gripe was the final episode. So much momentum and excitement was built only to be letdown on the finale. Not because I didn't like the finalists, but I felt the challenges were lazily put together. I expected a lot more especially for the chance to win a quarter-million dollars.

Some, if not most of the games were just to create a wow-factor or to stir excitement, rather than set out to actually determine the best physique among contestants. If that were the case, there would be more one-on-one challenges.

It's a good watch to burn time and but I wouldn't take this show too seriously because there's just way too many variables and too many flaws.
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