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Hello everyone this is tor. I started watching dramas from 2019 .

At 1 st I started with Turkish drama then it was a Thai drama  & then c- drama & then lastly kdrama 

I still do watch Turkish drama,  cdrama beside kdrama as kdramas are not easy to found with English subtitles & also my net connection is slow so I mostly watch dramas on  YouTube or Facebook.  & sometime in dramacool.

For new drama lovers if you like to watch dramas with subtitle then you can watch them on dramacool. If you are using a laptop or pc then you can use ad stopper extension not to get any ad but if you are watching on phone then nothing to do..  Also you can try to search on facebook for that you can try to add several groups of dramas.  I also heard that you can watch dramas on telegram  but I don't know if its safe or not...  Anyways happy watching everyone ❤️ 


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