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Hey, welcome to my page :) 

About Me

Name: Marlowe 

Age: 25 years old

MBTI: INFJ-T (Advocate)

What I Love: K-pop (I have gotten into it within the past few years and it has taken over my entire life but I am not complaining lmao—K-pop has truly changed my life for the better), Pentatonix (an acapella group I have been a fan of for several years now and I love that group with my whole heart), collecting albums and books, candles (I love all types of scents), The Sims computer games (been a fan since childhood and still love playing them to this day), astrology (I know not everyone believes in it or takes it seriously but I find the topic to be very fascinating), dancing, journaling, designing, listening to music, and of course watching dramas and movies :)

What I Look For In Dramas/Movies: my go-to's are romance (drama or comedy), mystery, psychological, procedural, coming of age, slice of life and also black comedies when looking for what to watch

Themes/Tags I Enjoy: strong female lead, caring/nice male lead, found family or strong friendship, enemies to lovers, friends to lovers, LGBTQ+, character development, magical realism, inner monologue, first love, opposites attract, coming of age, adapted from a manga/novel/etc., tearjerker, life lesson, and many more

Feel free to message me!!! I love interacting with people on MDL!!!

Check out my reviews!!! I have been trying to write a review for mostly all of the new shows that I am watching

Founder of the BL Drama Lovers Club here on MDL

Into K-Dramas, BL Dramas, and K-Pop since 2019


10 - perfect in my eyes. Usually reserved for titles that have really resonated with me due to the story, overall feeling it left me with, characters, & etc. or that I have re-watched many times.
9.0 to 9.5 - excellent. I give out a lot of 9.5's and quite a lot of 9.0's and and it usually means that I really enjoyed the title very much but there is a very minor flaw/s associated with it that prevented me from giving it a 10.
8.0 to 8.5 - good. Usually it's for shows that I feel did what needed to be done but there is something more I feel they could've done. Just a few flaws.
7.0 to 7.5 - okay. This is tricky territory because these are titles that are neither here nor there for me. It is highly likely for most of the titles I have rated a 7.0 or a 7.5 that I wouldn't revisit and watch them in full again (maybe I would watch certain parts of the title but that is it) but overall they were meh to watch.
6.0 to 6.5 and below - not for me at all. The title isn't worth watching if I am being honest.


These are dramas/movies that I, subjectively, have given a 10 rating 

If you click on each photo, it will take you to it’s page on MDL


(If you click on the gifs below, it will take you to my current favorite song/video by the group or person pictured) 

Bias Groups (pictured below on the left is BTS and on the right is Ateez) :                                                               

Biases (pictured below is J-Hope (my ultimate bias) from BTS on the left and Hongjoong from Ateez on the right) :                                          

Bias Wreckers (pictured below is Jin from BTS on the left and Seonghwa from Ateez on the right) :        

Solo Artists (pictured below is KAI, WOODZ, and TAEMIN) :                                                                   

Other KPOP/Korean Artists I Listen To Include: Blackpink, TXT, CL, EXO, NCT, DEAN, WayV, Crush, Hwasa, and so many more!


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