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I like binge watching Romance dramas. I started with Kdramas and moved onto Cdramas. 

I only watch for Happy Endings. 

I really enjoy watching healthy relationship development and character growth.

Pet hates: lack of communication, love triangles, long relationship break ups (there’s a reason why you broke up or left each other). Clingy ex partners (get over yourselves & move on already). Past relationships (when they remember a shared moment when they were 5 yrs old etc). Excessive sadness for no reason 

Favourite tropes: Contacts relationships or unexpected housemates. Learning to live together. 

The way I rate dramas and movies:

10 - I like it a lot

9 - I also like it a lot but I can't give it a ten because there is that one thing I didn't like. It wasn’t perfect.

8.5 - Better than my average rating, there is something that makes me like this drama even though it's not perfect

8 - My average rating, there are some things I liked and some I didn't like but I kept going.

7.5 - There’s some good things. But also things that annoyed me. Writing, chopped scenes or acting annoys me a lot.

7 - It was okay, I liked one thing at least. I really have to push myself to keep watching.

6 - Didn't like it at all - it’s made it to my dropped list.


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